Infamous Vacuum Cleaners-Based Theme Nights

Nothing sucks like an Electrolux! Sometime when a movie is so bad, it somehow becomes a really fun movie to watch. Well, that is the same case for the Lamigo Monkeys’ Electrolux theme nights.

For the sixth seasons in a row, the Lamigo Monkeys will once again collaborate with the Swedish home appliance manufacturer Electrolux for a weekend event.

The ridiculous pre-game entertainment, the in your face product placement and “interesting” themed uniform choice would be the best way to describe this corporate sponsored theme nights.

Since this is pretty much one giant product placement event, so we will keep this blog post short and only provide the photos of the Electrolux themed uniforms from 2014 to 2019.

Note: Instead of writing a new vacuum cleaner uniform post every year, we will continue to update this post with all future Electrolux uniform related contents. [Last Updated: April 21, 2019]

2019 Electrolux Uniform and Pre-Game Dance

2018 Electrolux Uniform and Pre-Game Dance

2017 Electrolux Uniform and Pre-Game Dance

2016 Electrolux Uniform and Pre-Game Dance

2015 Electrolux Uniform and Pre-Game Dance

2014 Electrolux Uniform and Pre-Game Dance


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