The 2017 CPBL season is done and dusted! Lamigo Monkeys are your 2017 Taiwan Series Champions, after defeating Chinatrust Brothers 4-2 in Game 4 of the Taiwan Series.  This is Monkeys 5th Championships in franchise history (2006, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017), while Chinatrust Brothers have lost the Taiwan Series for the 4th straight seasons.

Monkeys take game 4 of the best-of-seven Taiwan Series. Final Score Monkeys 4 – Brothers 2
Monkeys take game 4 of the best-of-seven Taiwan Series. Final Score Monkeys 4 – Brothers 2

The G4 MVP is 林泓育 (Lin Hung-Yu) who hits the game-winning solo shot in the 2nd inning.  While the Taiwan Series MVP goes to 陳俊秀 (Chen Chun-Hsiu) who hits for .714 in batting average in this series, at the same time setting a new Taiwan Series record for having 7 hits in 7 consecutive at-bats.

Taiwan Series G4 recap

After two previous blowout games, game 4 is quite opposite as both starting pitchers gave a solid performance and was able to go deep into the game.

Monkeys 王溢正 (Wang Yi-Cheng) cruises through 6 innings of work only gave up 3 hits, 1 earned run (solo HR to 張志豪 Chang Chih-Hao) while striking out 6 with only 84 pitches.

Facing elimination, Brothers sent out Bryan Woodall with only 4 days rest.  Woodall was able limit Monkeys lineup to only 2 runs in the first 5 innings.  However Woodall ran into a bit of jam in the 6th, with 2 walks and 2 hits, Monkeys was able to further extend their lead to 4-1.  Woodall finished the night with charged with 4 earned runs while striking out 7.

In bottom of 7th, Brothers was able to scored another run with a solo shot from their keyman of this postseason 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao).  As he hits his 2nd home runs of the night and reduced the gap to 4-2.

Drama in the bottom of the 9th

In the bottom of 9th, Brothers have once again shown their tenacity.  With Monkeys closer on the mound, 陳子豪 (Chen Tzu-Hao) was able to draw a walk, followed by a single from 彭政閔 (Peng Cheng-Min), Brothers now have runners in 1st and 2nd with only 1 out.

After the mound visit, closer 陳禹勳 (Chen Yu-Hsun) settled down and struck out the next two batters and secured the victory for the Monkeys.

Several new Taiwan Series Records

  • Monkeys skipper 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung) breaks CPBL record for winning the most Championship with 5 Taiwan Series titles.  (2006, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017)
  • Monkeys skipper 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung) sets CPBL record for having the most wins in the Taiwan Series (23 Wins)
  • Lamigo Monkeys breaks Taiwan Series record for most double with 16 doubles.  The previous record was 15 in 7 games back in 1991 and 2015
  • Monkeys lineup have set Taiwan Series record for highest team batting average (.359), most hits in 4 games (55), most extra base hits in 4 games (18), most run scored in 4 games (42), most RBI in 4 games (40)
  • Monkeys 陳俊秀 (Chen Chun-Hsiu) setting a new Taiwan Series record with 7 hits in 7 consecutive at-bats.
  • Brothers veteran 彭政閔 (Peng Cheng-Min) now tied in the 1st place for most hits in Taiwan Series (73)

Interesting moment from G4 of Taiwan Series


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