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CTBC Brothers News: Shawn Morimando

Next stop, the KBO! On July 12, the SSG Landers of the KBO officially announced the signing of the CTBC Brothers foreign pitcher Shawn Morimando from the CPBL.

According to MyKBO on Twitter, Shawn Morimando’s contract with the SSG Landers is worth 230,000 USD for the remaining 2022 KBO season. The deal consists of $180,000 in salary and $50,000 as performance incentives.

On July 10, the CTBC Brothers general manager told Liberty Sports that about two weeks ago, Shawn Morimando’s agent informed the team that there was an opportunity for their client in the KBO.

“Although the CTBC Brothers have the option to keep Shawn Morimando in Taiwan, we chose to respect Morimando’s decision to go play in the KBO,” said the Brothers’ GM.

The Brothers’ GM revealed that they are currently in talks with two new foreign pitchers. The team also plan to call up another foreign pitcher, Kazuhisa Makita, from the farm team.

Shawn Morimando finished his 2022 CPBL season with a strong 2.56 ERA and 1.19 WHIP over 91.1 innings.

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  1. It’s a good opportunity for Morimando, but I am glad Drew Gagnon stayed. Gagnon doesn’t have the stuff he had in 2018 at AAA at age 28, but he seems to be getting better as a pitcher. He could have a great CPBL career if he sticks around.

    And Morimando might be back if things don’t work out for him in the KBO.

    • Definitely, if he pitches well, maybe double the salary in the KBO next season.

      If he dominates the KBO, perhaps there will be a new opportunity for him to return to MLB? Or NPB?


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