Time to Say Good-Bye to Kao Chih-Kang

The Uni-Lions’ 14-year veteran 高志綱 (Kao Chih-Kang) announces his retirement today. According to the Uni-Lions’ press release, the 37-year-old catcher has accepted a new role as the farm team manager within the organisation.

“We will give Kao Chih-Kang a proper retirement ceremony. However, we will respect Kao’s final decision on this matter,” said the Uni-Lions general manager.

Other Changes in Coaching Team

There are several changes to be done to the coaching team. According to the Uni-Lions’ general manager, the organisation will announce the changes in details in January 2019.

– 高志綱 (Kao Chih-Kang): Player to farm team manager
– 一色優 (Masaru Isshiki): First team strength and conditioning coach resigned to pursuit further opportunity in the United States.
– 許峰賓 (Hsu Feng-Pin): Former farm team manager promoted to the first team as strength and conditioning coach

Quick Facts: Kao Chih-Kang

  • DOB: February 7, 1981
  • 2004 Un-Lions’ first-round draft pick
  • 14 seasons in the CPBL (2005-2018)
  • Career stats .278/.341/.354
  • 1070 games as the catcher
  • Best Ten Award (2007, 2009, 2012, 2013)
  • Gold Glove Award (2009, 2010)
Uni-Lions’ veteran Kao Chih-Kang to retire from baseball. Photo Credit: (UDN Sports)


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