High School Hitter Unleashes Epic Bat Flip on Foul Ball

King of High School Bat Flip: Chiu Tan

We generally do not cover Taiwan high school baseball, but this was something that deserved a write-up. On March 4, 2018, 17-year-old high school hitter 邱丹 (Chiu Tan) launched an 80-grade bat flip on a foul ball. Yes, on a foul ball.

It was top of the third in the quarterfinal game between Pu-Men and Mei-Ho High School. 邱丹 (Chiu Tan), the cleanup hitter from Pu-Men drilled a high pitch on a 3-1 count and sent it soaring to the right field.

Upon making contact, Chiu had so much confidence that he had hit it over the wall, instinctively, he flipped that bat into the sky and towards the dugout. Actually, “launched” would be a better word to describe the way Chiu handled the bat.

Unfortunately, it was a foul ball, and Chiu had to do the walk of shame to pick up his bat in front of the Pul-Men dugout.

As for which team won the game in the end? I guess it does not matter after seeing this epic bat flip. Chiu-Dan, you are a true showman, and we can not wait to see you play in the CPBL.

Note: Credit to our friend Josh for letting us know about this epic bat flip.


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