Guardians Unveil Eco-Friendly Uniform

Last year, the Fubon Group started “Run For Green”, an ESG campaign to promote Green Economy with the hope to reduce the overall CO2 emissions.

According to Fubon, they began working closely with all the Fubon sponsored marathon events. For every 40 kilometres logged by a runner, they would plant a new tree. The goal is to plant 10,000 trees in the next five years.

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, the Fubon Guardians unveiled a brand new eco-friendly uniform for their upcoming “RUN FOR GREEN GO FOR WIN” theme nights on April 22-24.

As per the Guardians press release, the uniform fabric uses yarns made from recycled plastic bottles. In doing so, it significantly reduces the CO2 emissions and energy consumption during the manufacturing process.

The uniform design utilises the gradient treatment by infusing the Guardians blue and the eco-friendly green. According to the team, the colour scheme symbolises the mountains and the seas. There are also asymmetrical stripes running in the background to provide additional contrast.

Eco-Friendly Guardians Merchandise: Recycled Material

The Guardians also announced they would launch a series of eco-friendly merchandise made with recycled materials. The team will be giving a second life to old stadium vinyl signages and discarded baseball equipment by turning those into backpacks, tote bags, keyrings and other merchandise.


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