Guardians Showcase Eco-Friendly Uniform

Fubon Financial is not only good at guarding our money, and it turns out they are pretty good at guarding our precious planet as well!

On September 8, the Fubon Guardians unveiled the environmentally friendly uniform for their upcoming GOOD LIFE theme nights on September 11-12.

According to the team, the uniform fabric uses the S.Café yarn developed by Taiwan’s Singtex Industrial in 2008.

The eco-friendly coffee yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. One shirt required roughly three cups of coffee grounds and five recycled plastic bottles.

Apart from reducing carbon footprint during the manufacturing process, the coffee yarn also provides odour control, UV protection, and fast-drying.

How to Make Coffee Yarn Fabric?

Plenty of well established international apparel brands uses Singtex’s coffee yarn fabric in their products, including North Face, Under Armour, Timberland, Adidas, New Balance, Oakley and Victoria’s Secret, just to name a few.

Below is a VICE article from 2016 about the coffee yarn manufacturing process.

“Polyester is manufactured with recycled PET bottles then mixed with roasted coffee grounds to create coffee yarn. Singtex then turned the coffee-laced yarn into clothing fabric.”

CTBC Brothers Did It First Back in 2016

The Fubon Guardians are not the first team to use coffee grounds fabric for their uniforms in the CPBL.

In 2016, the CTBC Brothers launched a series of clothing merchandise using the same eco-friendly fabric as part of their brand collaboration with Tokuyo.


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