Guardians unveil Classic Night uniform. Pay tribute to late skipper

Fubon Guardians will wear the special red classic uniform for the Classic Night.  At the same time paying tribute to their late skipper 徐生明 (Hsu Sheng-Ming), who passed away from a sudden heart attack in 2013 at the age of 55.

Fubon Guardians will wear the special red uniform in memory of late skipper 徐生明 (Hsu Sheng-Ming)

The butterfly and #85 arm patch

The team will also have the special arm patch on their uniform.  The arm patch consist the number 85 in the shape of a butterfly with the text “The Magician” underneath.  Here’s some quick explanation of the meaning behind this arm patch.

  • Number 85 was Hsu Sheng-Ming’s number during his time as managers over 17 seasons.
  • The butterfly logo symbolised one of Hsu’s best pitch.  The knuckleball.
  • The Magician was Hsu nickname by baseball fans during his time as manager.
The classic red uniform will also have this special arm patch

徐生明 (Hsu Sheng-Ming) record as manager

With 715 wins.  Hsu was the former CPBL record holder being the manager with the most wins.  The record was recently broken by Lamigo Monkeys manager 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung) on the 11th of July 2017.

Hsu Sheng-Ming winning the 1999 Taiwan Series as skipper of Wei Chuan Dragons.  Photo Credit: (CNA)
Total17 seasons / 6 teams1457715696460.507
1991Wei Chuan Dragons90463680.561
1992Wei Chuan Dragons90414270.494
1993Wei Chuan Dragons90484020.545
1996Wei Chuan Dragons100554320.561
1997Wei Chuan Dragons96464640.500
1998Wei Chuan Dragons105564810.538
1999Wei Chuan Dragons86433940.512
2004Chinatrust Whales85384340.469
2005Chinatrust Whales100474940.490
2008Sinon Bulls40122800.300
2009Sinon Bulls120576030.487
2010Sinon Bulls120655320.551
2013EDA Rhinos87493710.563

Special guest for ceremonial first pitch

Several Wei-Chuan Dragons’ players including the CPBL demigod 黃平洋 (Huang Ping-Yang)  are invited for the 1st pitch ceremony on the 20th of August.

Huang is known by Taiwanese baseball fan as the “Man With The Golden Arm”.  During his 12 years career (1990 to 2001), Huang have posted a combined record of 3.05 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, over 255 Games, 1479.1 innings.  It is also worth noting Huang has 78 complete games and 8 shutout wins under his belt over 186 games as starting pitcher.

CPBL demigod 黃平洋 (Huang Ping-Yang). Invited to throw the ceremonial 1st pitch

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