Guardians unveil “Angels Night” special event uniform

Fubon Guardians have announced their #3 theme event “Angels Night” which target at female fans this Mother’s Day weekend at the Xinzhuang stadium.

Angels Night Special Event Uniform

The Guardians will be wearing the special event uniform with the Tiffany Blue colour scheme throughout the duration of the weekend event.

Fubon Guardians’ Angels Night Tiffany Blue event uniform

Pre-game Events.

Guardians have invited popular Taiwanese singer/ TV idols 方志友 (Beatrice Fang) and 言承旭 (Jerry Yan) to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.  At the same time the organisation will also be giving away free Guardians tote bags fans and special gifts to mothers who attend the games this weekend.

As for outside of the stadium, there will be talent show featured the beloved Fubon Guardians’ cheerleaders group “Fubon Angels” and female fans will also have the opportunity to meet and hug their favourite Guardians players while have their photos taken with the players.

celebrity 方志友 (Beatrice Fang) and 言承旭 (Jerry Yan) to throw out the ceremonial first pitch
Who doesn’t love a free tote bags?

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