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Fubon Guardians News: Henry Sosa

On April 20, the Fubon Guardians announced their ace Henry Sosa has sustained an ACL injury and underwent knee surgery on April 19.

The 35-year-old power pitcher has been out of commission since March 21 with knee discomfort. During that March 21 game, Sosa fell to the ground in agony after delivering a pitch and exit the game early.

According to the team, Henry Sosa has been rehabbing with the farm team since late March. However, upon recent examination, his knee injury was a lot more severe. That is why they decided to get an ACL reconstruction surgery.

“With surgery plus rehabilitation, he will be out for a considerable amount of time,” said the Guardians manager Hong I-Chung.

With Henry Sosa out with a potentially season-ending injury, the Guardians are likely to release Henry Sosa to make room on its active roster.

The Guardians currently have Mike Loree, Manny Bañuelos and JC Ramírez on their first-team roster. They also have development player Yomar Concepcion in the farm team and former MLB infielder Eduardo Núñez, who is undergoing mandatory quarantine at the moment.

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  1. We’ll if the Guardians bring back a healthier Sosa in 2022. If not, Sosa will be one of the many former foreign pitchers who blazed brightly yet briefly across the CPBL sky. A 24-7 career record is nothing to scoff at.

    This means there’s a better chance that Eduardo Nunez will get a chance to play in the CPBL, although that may still require another injury to Loree, Banuelos or Ramirez.

    • I really hope Sosa will be healthy enough for 2022, if the Guardians didn’t re-sign him, I think other teams should consider picking him up.

      Bañuelos is on thin ice right now, so if the team is cutting players for Núñez, they will probably cut Bañuelos.

  2. I was hoping that an NPB team would’ve considered signing Sosa if he had been able to stay healthy and pitch as well as he has since 2017 between the KBO and CPBL.

    • I guess with that ACL injury, that NPB thing is probably not going to happen for Sosa. Also, I wonder what’s Sosa 2022 contract would be like? Maybe the Guardians will cut his salary down to 30K USD a month?


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