Fubon Guardians, Taiwan Mobile to Launch 5G Smart Stadium

Guardians to Set up Taiwan’s First 5G Stadium

On July 31, the Fubon Guardians announced the partnership with Taiwan Mobile to bring 5G technology into Xinzhuang Stadium. According to Taiwan Mobile, they will be using the Guardians’ home stadium as the testing ground for developing 5G related services.

“We started the prototype 5G infrastructure at the Xinzhuang Stadium last year,” said the general manager of Taiwan Mobile. “So far, we implemented AR, VR360 and MEC to our test platform.”

“With the implementation of all the new technologies, it is going to enhance the fans’ overall experience,” said Chris Tsai, the Fubon Guardians’ general manager. “We look forward to working closely with Taiwan Mobile in the near future.”

Notes: Taiwan Mobile is Taiwan’s third-largest telecom company, and it is also one of many subsidiaries of the Fubon Group.

5G Tech Show at Xinzhuang Stadium

Nearly 80 industry vendors and tech companies gathered at the stadium and set up demo booths to showcase their 5G products and services. The mini tech show can be broken down into three main categories, 5G Communication, Smart Stadium and Smart Life.

“5G is the trend of the future, happy to see such technology integrating with sports events,” said the New Taipei City Mayor.


  1. I saw this article today about Chris Carter threatening to break the Mexican League (LMB) single season home run record. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/chris-carter-the-home-run-king-forgotten-by-mlb-is-threatening-mexicos-single-season-homer-record/

    The record is 54, and Carter has 43 HRs so far. What struck me in the clips of Carter slugging home runs in Mexico is that he looks in great shape. I think he would be an exciting sign for a CPBL team next off-season, given his status as a former MLB HR champ. The question is whether he’d be willing to play in Taiwan for a three-month $75,000 to $90,000 guarantee. I suspect that his compensation in LMB amounts to $20,000 a month, including perks; and there are no income taxes in Mexico.

    I’m also still following what starting pitchers are doing in the Atlantic League. If a CPBL team decides to make another change between now and August 31st, Daryl Thompson, Darin Downs, Buddy Baumann, Mitch Atkins and Thomas Dorminy, and Joe Van Meter are all looking pretty good.

    What happened to the Uni-Lions trying to sign Felix Doubront out of LMB? Dave Kubiak, who was dominating the Atlantic League earlier this year, has looked fairly good after two LMB starts — he might be a CPBL candidate next off-season, if he proves he can pitch effectively in LMB, which he utterly failed to do in eight LMB starts in 2018. Craig Stem, who pitched great in the Atlantic League earlier this year, is not getting it done in LMB, however. His ERA is 8.68 after nine relief appearances.

    • Unless the league decide to loosen the foreign player rule, I still don’t think we will see “full time” foreign hitter in Taiwan next season. (There was rumour it is up for discussion a few months ago).

      For 2021, the Dragons will need to have at least 1 foreign hitter. So Carter would be a good option if they can swing that.

      For a new expansion team, marketing wise, they need to spend the money and get a high profile hitter, similar to what the Rhinos did with Manny Ramirez in their first year.

      Earlier this year, before Alex Liddi signing I heard rumour Matt Clark is one of the potential signing for the Brothers. But I guess they went with Liddi instead.

      As for other foreign pitchers signing before August 31, Uni-Lions and the Monkeys could be in the market for new one. From what I gathered I think Monkeys’ Matthew Grimes could be on thin ice.

      That Felix Doubront thing is probably dead in the water. I guess they probably just going to stick with what they have this season. Too many injuries, they are done this year in my opinion.

      I saw Darin Downs was named the Atlantic League pitcher of the month couple days ago. Darin Downs, Mitch Atkins and Ricky Teasley definitely worth have another look if any teams are in need for a new pitcher on short notice.


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