CPBL Foreign Players Updates Volume #224

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Fubon Guardians News: Yomar Flande Concepcion

On June 3, the Fubon Guardians released Yomar Flande Concepcion. According to the team, they need to make room for Mike Loree on the active roster.

The 30-year-old Dominican right-hander only had some limited opportunities in the first team so far. He finished the 2022 CPBL season with a 5.68 ERA and 1.58 WHIP over 6.1 innings.

A few days ago, the Guardians manager told the media that they are currently looking for a new foreign hitter and pitcher.

With Yomar Flande Concepcion departing, the Guardians now have Mike Loree, José Valdez, Joe Van Meter and Xavier Batista as their foreign players.

Notes: Technically, this transaction movement is not a “release”, it is more like “permanently removed from the active roster”. Yomar Flande Concepcion can still pitch in the CPBL minor league for the rest of the year, but the team can not call him up to the first team.

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