Dragons 2020 Expansion Draft Result

On November 27, the Wei Chuan Dragons announced the result of the 2020 expansion draft. The Dragons selected a total of four players and would be required to complete the transfer process before December 31.

Under the 2020 expansion draft rule, the Dragons must acquire four players (one from each team) outside of the 18-man protection list. Players that declared free agency and the draftees from 2020 and 2019 are exempt from the expansion draft.

In terms of the transfer fee, the Dragons would have to pay 250,000 USD per player as compensation to the players’ former team.

Brothers 吳東融 (Wu Tung-Jung) – 2B

29-year-old Wu Tung-Jung was the fourth-round draft pick from 2016. Over the years, he slowly took over the primary second baseman role within the Brothers organisation. Wu was named the winner of the 2019 Gold Glove award and the 2020 Best Ten award.

“Most of our infielders are young, we need a mature leader like Wu to lead the team,” said the Dragons’ manager. “Wu Tung-Jung can play 2B, SS and 3B, which is an asset to our team.”

Monkeys 劉時豪 (Liu Shih-Hao) – C

29-year-old Liu Shih-Hao was the third-round draft pick from 2013 and has been the second/ third catcher in the Monkeys depth chart since 2014. Liu is a pretty smart player with above-average game-calling ability. However, since 2019, he lost a significant amount of game time to elite hitting catchers Lin Hung-Yu and Liao Chien-Fu.

“Getting an experienced catcher is our team’s top priority,” said the Dragons’ manager. “Liu, who is under 30 with plenty of the first-team experence is perfect for us.”

Guardians 陳品捷 (Chen Pin-Chieh) – RF/2B

29-year-old Chen Pin-Chieh was the second-round draft pick from 2017 and posted a decent rookie and sophomore season. However, due to injury, he struggled in 2019 and 2020 and lost his starting role within the Guardians’ organisation.

“We will be using Chen Pin-Chieh in the outfield at this stage,” said the Dragons’ manager. “I used to be his manager, and I am quite familiar with his strength and weakness as a player.”

Uni-Lions 王玉譜(Wang Yu-Pu) – LHP

24-year-old Wang Yu-Pu was the fourth-round draft pick from 2016. Although he was considered to be a highly touted prospect, it never pans out for him due to command issue.

“I see a lot of potential in Wang Yu-Pu,” said the Dragons’ manager. “I have a lot confident our coaching team can fix his command issue.”


  1. Not a generous expansion draft for the Dragons. In the last two MLB expansion drafts (1992 and1997) the expansion teams got to draft multiple rounds of players with existing teams only getting to protect 15 players on their 40 man rosters in the first round. It’s going to hard for the Dragons to be competitive in 2021 if these are the four players they get to select from the existing four teams’ rosters.

    It’s usually a better move to draft under age 27 players in the expansion draft. Even with the best available over age 27 players, an expansion team is still going to be terrible their first two seasons of major league play. Better to draft players who can help you in seasons 3 through 6 once the team can build a ball club with multiple years of top draft picks.

    • Despite it is the 18-man protection list. It is not a big draft pool when excluding draftees from 2019 and 2020. The CPBL team generally carry 55 to 60 players, not a lot left to chose from.

      But all things considered, the Dragons did alright with their selection given the situation in my opinion.

  2. The Kiwoom Heroes announced they won’t be bringing back Jake Brigham for 2021. Brigham will be 33 in 2021 and had some injury problems in 2020, but he’s a good pitcher who might be available to a CPBL team because of his age.

  3. I’m sorry to tell you a story that doesn’t fit the topic.
    I saw the news that Ryan Carpenter has entered Korean professional baseball.
    Carpenter’s annual salary in KBO is $400,000 guaranteed and $100,000 in options and $500,000 in total. How much did he get from CPBL?
    And aren’t CPBL officials reluctant the outflow of mercenaries to the KBO?
    KBO officials are very reluctant to see the outflow of mercenaries into NPB. I wonder if CPBL is the same.

    • The CPBL teams generally don’t talk about the foreign players salary. But rumour Ryan Carpenter was on $25,000 to $30,000 per month. For foreign players, they are pretty much a free agent after the regular season, so it is not that bad.


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