Hsu Jo-Hsi’s CPBL Debut: 11K in 3.2 Innings

11 strikeouts in 3.2 innings! You can not ask for a better professional debut than what 徐若熙 (Hsu Jo-Hsi) did on the night of March 17.

In a classic matchup against the Brothers, the Wei Chuan Dragons 20-year-old rookie raked up 11 strikeouts across 3.2 scoreless innings in 62 pitches. Yes, all 11 outs were via strikeout.

  • 1st inning: K (1), K (2), K (3)
  • 2nd inning: 1B, K (4), K (5), 1B, K (6)
  • 3rd inning: K (7), K (8), 3B, K (9)
  • 4th inning: HBP, K (10), K (11)

Hsu Jo-Hsi’s fastball velocity at that game constantly sat above 150kph and maxed out at 154kph (95.7mph). Apart from his overpowering fastball, Hsu also used his changeup, curveball and slider effectively against the Brothers’ lineup.

Below is Hsu Jo-Hsi’s pitch data compiled by a popular Taiwanese baseball YouTuber Tainan Josh.

  • 53% Fastball (Average velocity 150.8kph)
  • 19% Changeup (Average velocity 136.2kph)
  • 16% Curveball (Average velocity 128.4kph)
  • 12% Slider(Average vecloty 132kph)

5 Strikeouts Shy From CPBL Record

Despite only using 62 pitches and on pace to break the CPBL debut strikeout record (16), the Dragons still decided to pull Hsu Jo-Hsi out after his 11th strikeout.

“Hsu Jo-Hsi is an important asset to our team, keeping him healthy is the priority,” said the Dragons manager. “We set a 70-pitch limit before the game, and we will stick with that to protect him.”

Although Hsu missed out on the CPBL debut strikeout record, he managed to set the following CPBL records:

  • Youngest CPBL player to strike out 11 in a single game.
  • First CPBL player to strike out nine in the first three innings.
  • Youngest CPBL player to strike out three batters with ten pitches.

Hsu Jo-Hsi’s Killer Split-Change

The Brothers lineup struggled against Hsu Jo-Hsi’s split-change throughout the night as he struck out 6 out of 11 using that offspeed pitch. After the game, Hsu Jo-Hsi told the media he leant that changeup of his back in October last year from the Dragons’ pitching coach.

“Forkball used to be my primary out pitch, but after the surgery, I stopped using it,” said Hsu Jo-Hsi. “My goal this year is to improve my stamina and be more durable whenever I’m out the mound.”

Hsu Jo-Hsi was the Wei Chuan Dragons’ 2019 first-round draft pick (sixth overall). The Dragons signed him for a signing bonus of 164,000 USD. Last year in the CPBL minor league, Hsu was clocked throwing 157kph (97.6mph).


  1. No at 16 Ks in 7.2 IP. I hope that Dragons strictly limit him to five innings max in all his starts and only makes one start per week, so he is less likely to blow out his arm. No matter how well he pitches this year, the Dragons won’t be good, and they need him for the future.

  2. Dragons seem to be limiting Hsu to 70 pitches but I think he should get six days between starts. I would pitch him either every Friday, Saturday or Sunday and promote those weekly starts big.


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