Dragons’ GM David Wu Resigns Due to Health Reasons

David Wu Stepped Down as Dragons’ GM

On August 20, David Wu, the Wei Chuan Dragons’ general manager, announced on his blog that he turned his resignation due to health reason.

“I have been dealing with an on-going health problem since March,” said David Wu. “In July, I decided to follow my doctors’ recommendations and step down as the Dragons’ general manager.”

With their general manager departing, the Wei Chuan Dragons’ appointed their senior advisor 任中杰 (Jen Chung-Chieh) as the interim general manager.

Jen, the 73-year-old industry veteran, was the former Dragons’ general manager from 1997 to 1999. After the disbandment of the Dragons, he took up a position with the Sinon Bulls as their deputy general manager between 2000 to 2004.

After 20 years, Jen Chung-Chieh comes full circle and once again got himself in the position to lead the Wei Chuan Dragons.

Internal Problem Between GM and Head Coach?

Although, the Dragons’ general manager stepping down due to health reasons seems fairly standard, however, there appears to be more stuff happening beneath the surface.

According to sportswriter Vincent Liao in his weekly column back in July, he hinted there are too many people running the show within the Dragons’ organisation. In the end, the Dragons would have to choose between their general manager (David Wu) or manager (Yeh Chun-Chang).


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