2022 2nd Half Season Champions: CTBC Brothers

It was two outs in the bottom of the 12th inning with runners on first and second. Despite this being a Monkeys-Dragons game that has been on for more than five hours, millions of Brothers’ fans were glued to their TV screens, waiting patiently for the final out.

The Wei Chuan Dragons’ closer, Lin Kai-Wei, fired a 149 kph fastball down the middle and struck out the Rakuten Monkeys’ Ma Chieh-Sheng to end the game with a 5-5 draw.

And just like that, on October 22, in one of the most anti-climatic ways, the CTBC Brothers passively won the 2022 CPBL 2nd-half season title, all thanks to the Wei Chuan Dragons.

According to the league, this is the 18th half-season title in the CTBC Brothers (Brother Elephants) franchise history since 1990.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t win the half-season title at home in front of our fans,” said the CTBC Brothers manager. “I am grateful to our players for all their hard work.”

It was hard work indeed for the Brothers. On September 10, they were fourth in the standings with six games behind. Then the Brothers went on a scorching streak by winning 22 out of 28 games to finish the second-half season on top.

2022 CPBL Postseason

With the CTBC Brothers successfully winning the second half season, we now have a clear picture of what the 2022 CPBL Postseason is going to look like.

  • 1st Half Winner – Rakuten Monkeys
  • 2nf Half Winner – CTBC Brothers
  • Highest Full-Season Win Percentage – Rakuten Monkeys
  • Next Highest Full-Season Win Percentage Excluding the Half-Season Winners – Wei Chuan Dragons

The Rakuten Monkeys, as the half-season winner with the highest full-season win percentage, will go straight to the best-of-seven Taiwan Series.

The CTBC Brothers, as the other half-season winner, will face the Wei Chuan Dragons in a best-of-five Playoff Series with a 1-0 advantage.

The winner of the Playoff Series will advance to the Taiwan Series to take on the Rakuten Monkeys.


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