CTBC Brothers Showcase New Primary Uniforms

  • Friend: The Brothers are changing their uniforms!
  • Me: That’s nice. Is it yellow again?
  • Friend: No, it’s navy!
  • Me: Woah, I will blog about it!

On March 25, out of nowhere, the CTBC Brothers unveiled their new home and away uniforms for the 2023 CPBL season.

After five years, the CTBC Brothers are veering away from their iconic traditional yellow colour scheme and have decided to use other colours for one of their primary uniforms.

The home uniform will still retain the iconic glory yellow as the primary colour, with steel blue pipings. The away uniform, however, is a complete makeover. It is now in soothing dark navy colour with yellow pipings.

According to the team, the design of the uniforms focuses on simplicity. Both home and away uniforms feature two white blocks extending from the shoulders down to the bottom of the arms, inspired by the mighty and majestic tusks of elephants.

The new home and away uniforms will be available for sale at the Opening Day game on April 1 at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium and the CTBC Brothers online store.

Elephants / Brothers Non-Yellow Primary Uniforms

Since 1990, the Brother Elephants / CTBC Brothers have had only three non-yellow primary uniforms in their 33-year franchise history. (excluding one-off theme night uniforms)

2005 Season: Black Away Uniform

2007 Season: White Away Uniform

2018 Season: Grey Away Uniform

Chinatrust Brothers 2018 away uniform

Pre-1990, Brother Hotel Amateur Team Era

It is worth noting that before entering the CPBL as a professional team, the Brother Hotel Baseball Team wore an all-white uniform during their time in the amateur industrial league.

What Will Happen to Classic “兄弟” Hanzi Uniform?

So, what will happen to the fan favourited classic yellow uniform with “Brothers 兄弟” hanzi characters on it? Well, the Brothers organisation revealed via Facebook comment that the classic hanzi uniform will still be around. The team, however, did not elaborate further.

Some people suspect the classic hanzi uniform could still be part of the core uniform, but only on a specific day of the week. (Example: Sunday only).


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