Brothers Showcase Hydrangea Themed Uniform

On September 22, the CTBC Brothers unveiled the “HOPE” uniform for their upcoming Girls Nights on October 2-3.

Just like their other Girls Nights themed uniforms in the past, the team stepped away from the iconic yellow colour scheme and went with something with a feminine twist.

According to the team, the design concept is based on the flower Hydrangea, which symbolises hope, union, and perfection in Taiwanese culture.

  • Pink Hydrangea: Hope
  • Purple Hydrangea: Union
  • Blue Hydrangea: Perfection 

The uniform used powder pink and lavender purple with gradient treatment as the primary colours. It also utilised powder blue as piping for contrast.

“When hydrangea blooms, the petals depend on each other, just like mutual trust and unity of our team,” said the Brothers organisation.


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