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CTBC Brothers News: Teddy Stankiewicz

On July 16, the CTBC Brothers released their foreign pitcher Teddy Stankiewicz. According to the team, the 28-year-old American right-hander decided to end his contract with the Brothers early due to family reasons.

There were some online rumours that hinted it is marriage related, but the Brothers declined to comment on that.

“It is a tough situation, but I have to go home and deal with the family stuff. I hope the fans can understand,” said Teddy Stankiewicz in the farewell video.

Teddy Stankiewicz finished his 2022 CPBL season with a 4.09 ERA and 1.38 WHIP over 88 innings.

With Teddy Stankiewicz leaving the team, the Brothers now have José De Paula, Makita Kazuhisa and Francisco Peña as their foreign players. A few days ago, the Brothers’ general manager told the media they are currently in talks with two new foreign pitchers.

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  1. That’s disappointing. It seemed like the CPBL was a good fit in terms of Stankie’s abilities and the lack of opportunities he received from MLB and KBO. He’s still young enough that he could return the CPBL next season if he gets the family situation worked out, although we would have to see how CPBL teams feel about a player who has now left the league early two seasons in a row, which may or may not be a big deal given the two half-seasons format.

    • I think he will still be a hot property for all the teams during the offseason. They can actually start approaching him now, since he left before the Trade Deadline.

      I believe Stankiewicz is on an annual salary around 500,000 USD as per an UDN article.

  2. I also still think that the Brothers made a mistake with those two 125+ pitch outings early in the first half. Stankie looked worn out at the end of the half season.

    • Oh yeah, I have no idea why they would want to do that with their foreign pitchers. Use them wisely.

      Like I can understand if it is do or die situation. But it make zero sense for them to overuse those pitchers.

      • A move I really don’t understand is the Guardians having Mike Loree start the last game of the first half. On July 16, he threw 109 pitches over 4.2 IP. Then, the Guardians had him start the last game on July 19. He only pitched one inning because of a rain delay, and it may have been the plan to have him pitch only one inning regardless. However, pitching on two days’ rest after a 109-pitch outing doesn’t seem to make much sense.

        • Ah I can explain that. Loree actually did not pitch that game on July 19. Because it was one of those postponed game from July 4 due to rain.

          That’s why it showed Loree “pitched 1 inning” on the boxscore. But he didn’t actually pitch on July 19.


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