CPBL Use Umpire Cam at 2019 All-Star Games

Umpire Cam at 2019 CPBL All-Star Weekend

Watching baseball will never be the same again! During the 2019 CPBL All-Star Games, the CPBL implemented the umpire cam by installing GoPro on top of the umpire’s mask. Yes, just like Japan’s NPB, the CPBL finally have the umpire camera angle during the broadcast.

On July 27 and 28, Taiwanese baseball fans got to experience the game from a brand new angle. Whether it was a 150kph fastball strikeout, a home run drilled to the deep centre or a hitter chasing a breaking pitch away from the zone, everything is captured with the help of technology.

According to the CPBL secretary-general, if the feedback is positive about the umpire cam. Fans might be able to see umpire cam in the regular season. Below is the umpire cam compilation made by Taiwanese online media WeAre.


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