CPBL to host MLB All-Star Taiwan tour in November

MLB fans in Taiwan are in luck, now they have the opportunity to see MLB stars playing in Taiwan without flying half way across the world.  Jim Small, the Vice President of MLB Asia was in Taiwan last week and had a meeting with with 馮勝賢 (Feng Sheng-Xian) the secretary general of CPBL to discuss the plan of having MLB All-Star Taiwan tour in November 2017.

cpbl secretary general meeting mlb jim small
Jim Small, the Vice President of MLB Asia met with CPBL secretary general Feng Sheng-Xian

The MLB All-Star team will be heading to South Korea first, then to Taiwan for a 3 exhibition games against CPBL.  At the moment the games are planned to be held in Kaohsiung, Taichung and Taoyuan stadium.

2011 MLB All-Star Taiwan Tour

2011 MLB All-Star team was led by skipper Bruce Bochy with Robinson Cano, Pablo Sandoval & Curtis Granderson in the roster.  The MLB All-Star team played 5 exhibition games against the Taiwanese squad that was made up by university players and Taiwanese players from the MLB/ NPB system.

Why no CPBL players in 2011?

Due to scheduling conflicts and unable to agree on the terms with the event organiser.  CPBL did not participate in the 2011 MLB All-Star Taiwan exhibition games.  However, it’s worth noting that 24 out of 33 players from that 2011 Taiwanese team are now playing for the CPBL.

mlb all star taiwan tour
2011 MLB All-Star Team after the game

2011 Team Taiwan Roster

P Name 2010 Affiliation 2017 Affiliation
王建民 Wang Chien-Ming Washington Nationals (MLB) Free Agent
倪福德 Ni Fu-Te Detroit Tigers (MLB) Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
陽耀勳 Yang Yao-Hsun Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (NPB) Lamigo Monkeys (CPBL)
鄭凱文 Cheng Kai-Wen Hanshin Tigers (NPB) Chinatrust Brothers (CPBL)
林羿豪 Lin Yi-Hao Yomiuri Giants (NPB) Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
羅錦龍 Lo Ching-Lung Colorado Rockies (AAA) Uni-Lions (CPBL)
林煜清 Lin Yu-Ching University Chinatrust Brothers (CPBL)
林晨樺 Lin Chen-Hua University Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
林柏佑 Lin Po-Yu Taichung City (Industrial League) Lamigo Monkeys (CPBL)
王躍霖 Wang Yueh-Lin Chicago Cubs (A) Lamigo Monkeys (CPBL)
陳冠儒 Chen Kuan-Ju University Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
郭俊麟 Kuo Chun-Lin University Seibu Lions (NPB)
邱浩鈞 Chiu Hao-Chun University Uni-Lions (CPBL)
陳禹勳 Chen Yu-Hsun University Lamigo Monkeys (CPBL)
鄭文豪 Cheng Wen-Hao University Topco Falcon (Industrial League)
C Name 2010 Affiliation 2017 Affiliation
陳俊秀 Chen Chun-Hsiu Cleveland Indians (AA) Lamigo Monkeys (CPBL)
王峻杰 Wang Chun-Chieh University Chinatrust Brothers (CPBL)
陽冠威 Yang Kuan-Wei University Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
IF Name 2010 Affiliation 2017 Affiliation
黃智培 Huang Chih-Pei Taiwan Cooperative Bank (Industrial League) Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
林 瀚 Lin Han Taiwan Cooperative Bank (Industrial League) Taiwan Cooperative Bank (Industrial League)
蕭帛庭 Hsiao Po Ting Taiwan Power (Industrial League) Taiwan Power (Industrial League)
潘志芳 Pan Ting-Hsiang Oakland Athletics (A) Chinatrust Brothers (CPBL)
陳品捷 Chen Pin-Chieh Chicago Cubs (A) Indie League (Japan)
郭阜林 Kuo Fu-Lin New York Yankees (R ) Uni-Lions (CPBL)
陳偉志 Chen Wei-Chih University Taiwan Power (Industrial League)
林威廷 Lin Wei-Ting University Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
林志賢 Lin Yu-Le University Uni-Lions (CPBL)
OF Name 2010 Affiliation 2017 Affiliation
林哲瑄 Lin Che-Hsuan Boston Red Sox (AAA) Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
羅國輝 Kao Kuo-Hui Seattle Mariners (AA) Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
林旺衛 Lin Wang-Wei Minnesota Twins (A) Fubon Guardians (CPBL)
黃義坤 Huang Yi-Kun University Topco Falcon (Industrial League)
藍寅倫 Lan Yin-Lun University Lamigo Monkeys (CPBL)
林加祐 Lin Chia-Yo Taiwan Cooperative Bank (Industrial League) Taiwan Cooperative Bank (Industrial League)

2011 MLB All-Star Taiwan Tour Results

Date Home Away Result
2011.11.1 MLB All-Stars Team Taiwan 70
2011.11.3 Team Taiwan MLB All-Stars 35
2011.11.4 MLB All-Stars Team Taiwan 62
2011.11.5 Team Taiwan MLB All-Stars 23
2011.11.6 MLB All-Stars Team Taiwan 64

Video footage MLB All-Star Taiwan Tour


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