2021 CPBL Season Suspended Due to Coronavirus

On May 19, Taiwan CDC reported 267 new domestic coronavirus cases, which brings the total domestic cases in the past five days to 1226. Prior to May 15, Taiwan only recorded 1269 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

With the massive spike in coronavirus cases, the CDC also increased the epidemic alert to level three nationwide. Under alert level three, people must to wear masks at all times when they are outside. In addition, indoor gatherings of more than five people are not allowed, and outdoor are limited to ten people.

In accordance with Taiwan CDC’s epidemic prevention guidelines, the CPBL has suspended the 2021 season until further notice.

More Vaccines Are Coming to Taiwan

During today’s press briefing, Taiwan CDC also announced that Taiwan will receive its second batch of the AstraZeneca vaccines today. The shipment of 400,000 vaccine doses is set to arrive in Taiwan in the afternoon.

According to CNA, overall, Taiwan has purchased nearly 20 million vaccine doses, including 5.05 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, 10 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine and 4.76 million doses via the COVAX program.

As of today, Taiwan has reported 2533 cases and 14 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Of those 2533 cases, 1133 patients have since recovered.


  1. Sounds ominous. “until further notice” suggests the rest of the regular season could be wiped out. We’ll see how long it takes Taiwan to contain this big outbreak. Covid is certainly insidious — you let your guard down for a minute and it comes roaring back for a new outbreak. We have lived through three major outbreaks in the U.S. so far, and it will certainly make a comeback at some point if the polling is right that a lot of Americans won’t get vaccinated for reasons that defy logic and common sense.

    When they get back on the field, I’m excited to see how Dylan Covey and now Adelberto Mejia do. Both look promising.

    • Yeah, it all depends on the CDC guidelines right now.

      Reading between the lines, I think if the CDC decrease the alert level back to level 2, then the season should be back on again.

      Either that, or they get all the players vaccinated and then play in some sort of bubble. But I don’t think we will come to that, it is easier and safer to suspend the season.

      Yeah, the local outbreak is bad right now, but the number of new domestic cases is now growing exponentially. So I guess that is sort of like a good news. Hopefully they can keep it under control.

      We have plenty of anti vaccination idiots here too. Most of them belongs to the KMT party and they have been running this anti vaccination misinformation campaigns for months. Ughhh, it is infuriating…

  2. I mean I applaud the Taiwanese officials. But at the same time. I think my home state of California was DOWN to about what their grand total was just today in terms of COVID infections. It’s really stark seeing how the disease is perceived on both sides of the Pacific.


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