CPBL players union released 2017 average salary figures

The TPBPA (Taiwan Professional Baseball Players Association) have released the 2017 CPBL payrolls.  Each team’s payroll covers its entire 60-man roster (top/ farm team).

  • The figures below are in US dollars (30 NTD = 1 USD).
  • Instead of monthly salary, all figures has been converted to annual salary.
  • The data does not include additional bonus/ incentive and post-game bonus.  (It’s around 5-15K USD per year based on performance goals set by organisation)
  • The data does not include foreign players and developmental players salaries.  CPBL foreign players salaries are not transparent at the moment.  The standard rate is roughly 15,000 to 25,000 USD per month, but you do get cases like former MLB pitcher Freddy Garcia who was getting 50,000 USD per month.

2015 ~ 2017 CPBL average salary

For the 2017 season, Chinatrust Brothers has once again lead the league in average salary with 70,400 USD, while Lamigo Monkeys comes in last place at 55,600 USD per player.  It is also worth noting that Uni-Lions is the only team in the league with a decreased overall payroll.

CPBL average salary (2015~2017)

Chinatrust Brothers average salary (2015~2017)

Fubon Guardians average salary (2015~2017)

Uni-Lions average salary (2015~2017)

Lamigo Monkeys average salary (2015~2017)

2017 CPBL average salary with age bracket

  • Uni-Lions takes the lead in the under 23 bracket with average salary at 30,400 USD.
  • Lamigo Monkeys surprisingly lead the 24-29 bracket with 58,800 USD
  • Fubon Guardians takes the 30-35 bracket with 128,000 USD.
  • Chinatrust Brothers dominate the age of 35 bracket with 234,000 USD average salary.

Average salary under age of 23

Average salary for players at 24 to 29

Average salary for players at 30 to 35

Average salary for players over age of 35


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