After 29 seasons, the CPBL and the TPBPA (Taiwan Professional Baseball Players Association) held its first meeting to discuss the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

One of the main topics from the meeting was the definition of the players’ contractual obligations. As the current clause is not clear enough when it comes to the exhibition games and other international tournaments.

“Our goal is to protect the players’ rights and to improve the working conditions,” said the Players’ Union representative. “We hope to continue to work with the league and the teams for the baseball development in Taiwan”.

How the Dispute Started: Leading to CBA

The whole thing came about over the disputes between the Players’ Union, CPBL and the Lamigo Monkeys prior to the 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship (APBC).

According the Players’ Union, the APBC was not part of the players’ contract. Despite trying to arrange several meetings with the league and the teams, the requests were ignored.

The league denied such allegation, claiming the Asia Professional Baseball Championship is part of contract agreement with the players.

In March 2018, the Players’ Union filed a formal complaint against the CPBL and the Lamigo Monkeys to the Ministry of Labour over their attitude towards discussing the collective bargaining agreement.

After two mediation hearings at the dispute adjudication board, both parties decided to settled the matter. For the first time in 29 years, the CPBL and the Players’ Union are now negotiating the first ever CBA.

While it is still a long way to go, but it is definitely a step towards the right direction for Taiwan baseball.

Collective Bargaining Agreement of Other Leagues.

  • 1968 MLB: First CBA signed.
  • 1986 NPB: First CBA signed.
  • 2001 KBO: First CBA signed.
  • 2018 CPBL: ?


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