CPBL Sets No-Fan Policy Due to Coronavirus

On May 12, Taiwan CDC reported 16 new domestic coronavirus cases which scattered multiple locations across Taiwan. According to CNA, this is the highest number reported in a single day since the outbreak began in early 2020.

In response to the recent spike in domestic coronavirus cases, the CPBL decided to play all the games behind closed doors from May 12 to June 8.

During the no-fan period, the Uni-Lions lead the league with 12 home games, followed by the Guardians and the Monkeys’ ten home games. The Dragons and the Brothers have nine and four home games respectively.

Several media outlets speculated that each team could be looking at a loss in revenues between 85,000 to 167,000 USD per game.

According to the Rakuten Monkeys, they already sold roughly 20,000 tickets for their upcoming theme nights on May 21-23. At this stage, they are looking at a 334,000 USD loss in presale ticketing revenue for those three games, and this is not counting other revenue streams.

As of today, there have been 1231 confirmed coronavirus cases with 12 death in Taiwan. Out of those confirmed cases, 1097 have since recovered.


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