CPBL B-Side Volume #1 – The stuff you missed

CPBL B-Side Volume #1

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Every couple weeks, the team at CPBL STATS will bring you some of the overlooked moments during the 2017 CPBL season.  Just think of it as a lighter side of CPBL.

Meet your latest Uni-Girls member.

We’ll start off with former Milwaukee Brewers’ Alfredo Figaro shows off his fancy dance moves during the game between Uni-Lions & Lamigo Monkeys.  [Here’s a video of Alfredo Figaro in his CPBL debut]


Welcome to Taiwan Soccer League

In soccer, that is an assist! Chinatrust Brothers’ Bruce Kern with a nice soccer pass to 1st base to get the out.


Now we know where skipper kept his delicious treat

Lamigo Monkeys head skipper 洪一中 (Hung I-Chung) is a big fan of the melon seeds (Similar to sunflower seeds).  During the 7th inning stretch, the Monkeys manager was spotted in the bullpen feeding his relief pitchers.  [Here’s the full length video]

Mizuno taking out another Mizuno!

Monkeys shortstop 林承飛 (Lin Cheng-Fei) broke the Mizuno LED signage behind the home plate.  Interestingly, Lin was using a Mizuno bat during that incident.  (Credit to 承哲 for identify the bat)

Newly repaired, annnnnddd it’s broken again

A few days after the first Mizuno incident.  The LED signage was broken by Fubon Guardians’ 林威廷 (Lin Wei-Ting).  Just so we can keep track of this, Lin Wei-Ting was using an Old Hickory Bat.  So, I guess that’s another way of taking out the competition eh?


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