CPBL B-Side: The Stuff You Missed #6

CPBL B-Side Volume #6

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Every now and then, the team at CPBL STATS will bring you some of the overlooked moments from the CPBL season or what is happening in the Taiwanese baseball community. Just think of it as the lighter side of the CPBL.

Meet Mitch “The Windmill” Lively

It is still spring training, but the Chinatrust Brothers’ Mitch Lively has already started practicing for the upcoming retro theme nights, by channeling his inner Satchel Paige with this classic windup.

Yoh Daikan, Protector of the Elephants

陽岱鋼 (Yoh Daikan), a Taiwanese outfielder in the NPB, recently did a commercial with the Humane Society International to speak out for elephants. The commercial features Yoh saving an elephant from the poachers by deflecting bullet with a swing of his bat.

You can watch the full commercial here.

When Your Pitcher Can Not Throw Strikes

The Chinatrust Brothers’ pitching coach Scott Budner was not a happy camper after his reliever have walked three batters in a row. If you can read lips, please let us know what Budner said in the GIF.

The Monkeys’ skipper 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung) was in a similar situation during the exhibition games against the NPB’s Nippon-Ham Fighters. Here a screenshot of his soulless expression as the Monkeys bullpen unable to locate the strikezone.

羅嘉仁 (Lo Chia-Jen) Future Umpire in Training

Here at CPBL STATS, we love umpires with unique strikeout poses, it seems Fubon Guardians’ 羅嘉仁 (Lo Chia-Jen) is a fan of that as well.

First Base Coach Dodged a Bullet

It has been quite an eventful spring camp so far, as we had several coaches and players getting hit by foul ball during practice or exhibition game. Here is a video of the Uni-Lions first base coach 郭俊佑 (Kuo Chun-Yu) dodging a screaming liner.

Guess Who

The Fubon Guardians’ Bruce Billings posted this doodle of his teammates on twitter. Anyone want to take a guess at who they are?

Bruce Billings is known for drawing pictures of his teammates even back in 2017 season when he was with the Uni-Lions.


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