CPBL B-Side: The Stuff You Missed #5

CPBL B-Side Volume #5

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Every now and then, the team at CPBL STATS will bring you some of the overlooked moments from the CPBL season or what is happening in the Taiwanese baseball community. Just think of it as the lighter side of the CPBL.

Snaps the Bat Like a Twig

The Chinatrust Brothers’ 陳子豪 (Chen Tzu-Hao) shows off his raw power by snapping his bat in half during the intersquad situational hitting competition.

Birthday Facial Treatment

The Fubon Guardians’ 胡金龍 (Hu Chin-Lung) received the standard cake in the face plus the ice shower birthday treatment from his teammates.

Kiss for Good Luck

This is from the Popcorn League, a semi-pro industrial winter league here in Taiwan. The Taiwan Cooperative Bank’s starting pitcher 吳昇峰 (Wu Sheng-Feng) snags a hard hit grounder, gives it a kiss and throw to first for the out.

Playing Catch with MLB Pitcher

Ah, just your typical father and son spending quality time together playing catch. But when your kid is a major league calibre pitcher, sometime it is safer to wear the full protective gears before playing catch with him.

This is the Chicago Cubs’ Taiwanese RHP 曾仁和 (Tseng Jen-Ho) throwing a few pitches to his dad during the off-season. The video is shot by Tseng’s sister 曾琪 (Tseng Chi) who is also a professional baseball player in the Japan Women’s Baseball League (JWBL).

The Literal “Sliding Catch”

The Lamigo Monkeys’ 劉時豪 (Liu Shih-Hao) makes a literal “sliding catch” during the exhibition series between the Lamigo Monkeys and the Nippon-Ham Fighters.

It is also worth noting that Fighters’ Shota Hiranuma can be seen running for his life in the dugout, when the ball is nowhere near the dugout.

Massive Bat Flip from High School Tournament

Here in Asia, bat flips are not that big of a deal. So you will see players from the professional level all the way down to student baseball flip off their bats like it is going out of style. (Here is the compilation of some of the best Taiwanese bat flips from 2017)

In the semi-final game of a Taiwanese high school baseball tournament between the 普門高中 (Pu-Men) and 美和高中 (Meiho), Pu-Men’s clean up hitter 邱丹 (Chiu Tan) launches a massive bat flip on a foul ball.

After his 80-grade bat flip, Chiu has to do the shame of walk and pick up the bat from the ground. (Full video here)

Credit to our friend Josh at CPBL English for letting us know about this.


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