CPBL B-Side: The Stuff You Missed #2

CPBL B-Side Volume #2

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Every now and then, the team at CPBL STATS will bring you some of the overlooked moments from the CPBL season or what is happening in the Taiwanese baseball community. Just think of it as the lighter side of the CPBL.

Fubon Guardians’ interpretive dance group!

Fubon Guardians fielders showing us how to baseball can be modern art too!

Don’t break the team’s mascot!

At 166cm (5’4), Lamigo Monkeys catcher 劉時豪 (Liu Shih-Hao) is the shortest player in CPBL.  Liu is nickname by baseball fans in Taiwan as Peach Kobitos / Doraemon.  Due to his size and his personality in the clubhouse Liu is known as the unofficial Lamigo Monkeys mascot.

That’s one way to make contact

While trying to return the ball to the pitcher, Chinatrust Brothers catcher 陳家駒 (Chen Chia-Chu) somehow hit the batter’s bat.

賴鴻誠 (Lai Hung-Cheng) the human sprinkler

Some people pray, some people listen to music.  Watering the lawn is one of Fubon Guardians’ reliever Lai Hung-Cheng’s routine before entering the game.


Uni-Lions players welcome 鄭鎧文 (Cheng Kai-Wen) back to the dugout after the power hitting CPBL sophomore goes opposite with his 1st homer of the season.



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