CPBL attendance stats (19/March ~ 01/May)

A few people has requested the CPBL attendance stats. I’ve put together a few tables based on the articles I found on the internet. Very interesting read. Can see Brothers and Lamigos are leading the league in terms of fans attendance. Those two teams are traditionally more of the northern Taiwan team. While two of the Southern teams Rhinos and Lions are lagging behind. There’s always a saying within the Taiwanese baseball community that southern Taiwanese loves baseball, but they don’t like going to the game.

2016 League home games attendance stats breaking down by team

Team # Home games Total attendance Average attendance
Brothers 15 120544 8036
Lamigo 15 120214 8014
Lions 10 50661 5066
Rhinos 12 58456 4871

Chinatrust Brothers/ Brother Elephants. Which has been fans favorite even dated pre-CPBL industrial league days. The stats shows the match up with Brothers tend to attracts the most fans.

2016 Teams match-up attendance stats

Match up Games Average per game Most attendance Least attendance
Brothers vs Lamigo 9 9466 19393 5157
Brothers vs Lions 10 7795 14509 3195
Brothers vs Rhinos 9 6862 13715 2967
Lamigo vs Rhinos 9 6658 11017 2818
Lamigo vs Lions 8 5599 10884 3411
Lions vs Rhinos 9 3418 5120 2647

A few things that raises a few concerns is EDA Rhino marketing strategies and its ability to keep their fans. As their average home game attendance had a huge drop from 6918 back in 2013 to 4871. A whopping drop of 30% in attendance just within 4 years.

EDA Rhinos attendance stats 2013~2016

Years Games Total Average
2013 60 411864 6864
2014 60 257596 4293
2015 60 258497 4308
2016 12 58456 4871

Some quick summery

  • Brothers have a huge jump in their attendance stats. With a strong winning 2016 season and doing their marketing correctly also contribute to this. Apparently, Brothers is now using the same marketing/ promotion company that was in charge of EDA Rhinos back in 2013.
  • Lamigo, it will be interesting to see how they do this season, since they’re not doing not so well at the moment. However their fan development strategy is aiming for family market by trying to make their home-game as family friendly as possible.
  • Lions, well…. Lions is Lions. Very rich team, but just don’t know how to market themselves. They have everything (cash, hardware, people and resources) to become the most popular team in Taiwan. But just goes nowhere.
  • Rhinos, some extremely alarming stats. Maybe they really need to reflect on their marketing plan. As we’re seeing a massive 30% drop in attendance since 2013.


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