CPBL Implements New Postseason Format

On November 22, after the CPBL team owners meeting, the league announced a new postseason format for the 2022 season.

Under the new postseason structure, there will be a mandatory Playoff Series if there are two different half-season champions.

The half-season winner with the higher win percentage will go straight to the Taiwan Series. Meanwhile, the half-season winner with the lower win percentage will have to play in a Playoff Series against a non-half-season winning team with the highest win percentage. The winner of the Playoff Series will move on to the Taiwan Series.

Apart from the most obvious reason that there will be more money in the postseason, many speculate this new postseason format will likely eliminate the first-half season winner from taking its foot off the gas pedal in the second half.

New Home-Away Games Split Announced

On December 29, the CPBL released more details about the new postseason format after the GM meeting.

According to the secretary-general, the half-season winner will start with a one-win advantage in the best-of-five Playoff Series. The home and away split would be in 1-1-2 format in favour of the half-season winner.

As for the Taiwan Series, the home and away split will now become 2-2-3 format instead of the previous 2-3-2 format. The half-season winner with the highest win percentage will have five home games in the best-of-seven Taiwan Series.

New Postseason Format Example

Are you confused about the new postseason format? Don’t worry. Here is an example of how the new postseason would work.

  • Based on the standings above, the Brothers and the Uni-Lions won the half-season title, respectively. [See the 1st Half W% and 2nd Half W% columns]
  • The Brothers (0.574) have a higher full-season win percentage than the Uni-Lions (0.557). [See the green bracket under Full Season W% column]
  • The Brothers will advance straight to the Taiwan Series.
  • The Uni-Lions will need to Play in a best-of-five Playoff Series, but they will have a one-win advantage.
  • The Monkeys (0.479) have the highest win percentage among the remaining teams that did not win either of the half-season. [See the Full Season W% column]
  • The Uni-Lions need to play the Monkeys in a Playoff Series, and the winner will play the Brothers in the Taiwan Series.


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