CPBL announce draft incentives for potential new teams

After the CPBL general assembly on the 12th of September, CPBL have released further information on the incentives and support plan for the potential additional teams.  The incentives mostly focused in the area of priority in draft, selecting players from the existing 4 teams and number of foreign players.  Here’s our coverage on the overall expansion plan back in May.

CPBL commissioner and team’s representatives at the general assembly.  Photo Credit: (media.pbplus)

New Teams will have priority in draft

In order to make the new teams more competitive in the league, they will be given priority in the annual CPBL draft in the 1st year.  Apart from being 1st in the draft order, they also be able to pick twice in a single round until the 4th round.

In the 2nd year, priority in draft will be given once again and the new teams will be able to pick twice in a single round until the 2nd round.

Selecting players from existing teams

In the 1st year, the existing 4 teams will supply the league with the 30-man protection roster.  The new teams will have to sign 2 players outside of the 30-man roster from each team and pay the buyout price of $100,000 USD per player.

In the 2nd year, the existing 4 teams will set up a 18-man protection roster.  The new team will have to sign 1 player outside of that roster from each team, with the buyout price of $250,000 USD per player.

New teams will be able to acquire 12 players that is CPBL top team ready from the existing 4 teams in 2 years of time.

New Teams foreign players policy

For the first 2 seasons, the new teams can activate up to 4 foreign players in their top team roster.  However, 4 of them can not be the same position, as in having 4 foreign pitchers or 4 foreign positional players.

Compensation for players

In order to protect the players that got drafted and selected by the new teams.  They will be given 1 years CPBL service team automatically which will count towards their free agent service time.

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