CPBL Adjusts FA Policy, Adding Class A-B System

After the GM meeting on April 19, the CPBL has amended its free agency system. From now on, all the free agents will be classified into Class A and Class B.

According to the league, each class will have a different compensation system. In the CPBL, if a team wish to sign a player from the FA market, then that team must compensate that player’s former team. It can either be a straight transfer fee or a combo package of a transfer fee plus a player.

Class A players are each team’s top 12 players based on their annual salary. There is no change to the compensation methods for Class A players. It is still either a transfer fee of 125% of their annual salary or 75% of their salary plus a player outside the 25-man protection list.

Class B players are basically all the players outside of Class A. Should a team wish to sign a Class B player, only a transfer fee of 125% of their annual salary is needed.

Harsher Penalty For Players With DUI Charges

Apart from the FA policy, the CPBL also adjusted its rule on players with drink driving charges.

The new penalty is now at least a ten-game suspension with a 3600 USD fine. Depending on the severity of the case, the DUI violation could potentially lead to a life ban.


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