CPBL to Loosen Fan Restrictions

On June 5, the CPBL took another step to loosen the restrictions at the games. Starting June 7, it is no longer mandatory for fans to wear masks at the games. The teams can now operate with a roughly 50% stadium capacity going forward.

“Under the premise of maintaining social distancing, we hope to provide the fans with a comfortable and safe experience at the games,” said the CPBL commissioner.

Mask On, Mask Off

Although fans no longer required to wear masks at their seats, they still need to wear masks when leaving their seats. For examples, going to the toilets and lining up to buy food or merchandise.

1-Gap Seating Arrangement

Although Taiwan’s CDC gave the go-ahead to remove all attendance restrictions on all the outdoor events, the CPBL decided to take it slow. They will begin with a one-seat gap arrangement between fans, which works out to be roughly 50% stadium capacity.

For contact tracing purpose, the fans will still have to leave their names and contact numbers upon entering the stadiums.


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