Chou Szu-Chi records career home run No. 100

Chinaturst Brothers 周思齊 (Chou Szu-Chi) have reached career 100th home run milestone last night against Lamigo Monkeys.  The solo shot to the right makes Chou the 17th CPBL players to reach the 100 HR club.

Milestones year for Chou Szu-Chi

2017 has been quite a productive season for the 13-year veteran Chou.  As he have reached several career milestones and CPBL record.

  • 1300th career hit (7th CPBL player to reach)
  • 100th career home run (17th CPBL player to reach)
  • Set CPBL record for 8 consecutive plate appearance with a walk.  (Read more here)

CPBL active player HR Chart (29/06/2017)

With Chou Szu-Chi reached the 100th HR club.  Let’s take a look at the all time CPBL home run leaderboard.  The criteria we used for this table is player must have more than 15 career home runs and must be on the active roster.

Should Uni-Lions veteran 潘武雄 (Pan Wu-Hsiung) stays healthy, at career HR 88.  Pan should have no problem join the 100HR club either this or next season.

Despite only half way to the 100 HR mark.  The top hitting duo 蔣智賢 (Chiang Chih-Hsien) & 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) both have the alarming rate of 13.6 AB/HR and 15.5 AB/HR.  It is very likely we’ll see both players reaching that milestone in the next 2-3 seasons.

Brothers林 智 勝Lin Chih-Sheng459625218.240.552
Brothers彭 政 閔Peng Cheng-Min540018429.350.499
Guardians林 益 全Lin Yi-Chuan366812529.340.527
Monkeys林 泓 育Lin Hung-Yu289411924.320.528
Lions高 國 慶Kao Kuo-Ching506311942.550.435
Guardians高 國 輝Kao Kuo-Hui147710813.680.609
Lions劉 芙 豪Liu Fu-Hao386210835.760.423
Brothers周 思 齊Chou Szu-Chi413610041.360.468
Lions潘 武 雄Pan Wu-Hsiung28438832.310.502
Lions陳 鏞 基Chen Yung-Chi23207630.530.460
Monkeys陳 俊 秀Chen Chun-Hsiu10446017.400.557
Brothers張 志 豪Chang Chih-Hao25575844.090.445
Monkeys鍾 承 祐Chung Cheng-Yu25645744.980.438
Monkeys王 柏 融Wang Po-Jung8075215.520.677
Brothers蔣 智 賢Chiang Chih-Hsien6845013.680.659
Lions鄧 志 偉Teng Chih-Wei14264929.100.442
Monkeys郭 嚴 文Kuo Yen-Wen22004845.830.435
Brothers陳 子 豪Chen Tzu-Hao10854225.830.497
Guardians張 建 銘Chang Chien-Ming451742107.550.394
Guardians胡 金 龍Hu Chin-Lung17744143.270.497
Brothers許 基 宏Hsu Chi-Hung6173318.700.551
Lions鄭 鎧 文Cheng Kai-Wen4793214.970.474
Brothers王 勝 偉Wang Seng-Wei376432117.630.361
Monkeys詹 智 堯Chan Chih-Yao25732891.890.371
Monkeys朱 育 賢Chu Yu-Hsien4202715.560.588
Guardians林 哲 瑄Lin Che-Hsuan6812626.190.492
Guardians陽 冠 威Yang Kuan-Wei8682534.720.435
Brothers鄭 達 鴻Cheng Ta-Hung350723152.480.382
Brothers陳 家 駒Chen Chia-Chu6242228.360.415
Lions林 志 祥Lin Chih-Hsiang235721112.240.378
Lions高 志 綱Kao Chih-Kang304921145.190.356
Monkeys黃 浩 然Huang Hao-Jan15912079.550.343
Lions羅 國 龍Lo Kuo-Lung10311954.260.429
Monkeys陽 耀 勳Yang Yao-Hsun5281829.330.468
Lions蘇 智 傑Su Chih-Chieh3091718.180.608
Guardians林 威 廷Lin Wei-Ting10161759.760.386
Guardians方 克 偉Fang Ke-Wei8481653.000.373
Guardians吳 宗 峻Wu Tsung-Chun11481671.750.406
Lions唐 肇 廷Tang Chao-Ting11841674.000.372
Brothers曾 陶 鎔Tseng Tao-Jung2071513.800.628


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