The Chinatrust Brothers have announced the Spring Training roster for their upcoming trip to Arizona on February 20th. The team is expected to stay in Arizona for three weeks and a series of exhibition games with the MiLB, KBO and LMB teams have been arranged.

The Brothers are currently having their first phase of the Spring Training in their Pingdung facility. Shortly after the lunar new year holiday break, a team of 33 players along with 10 coaches and 15 support staff will be heading to Arizona for the second phase of the Spring Training.

Chinatrust Brothers 2018 spring training logo
Chinatrust Brothers 2018 Spring Training logo

Chinatrust Brothers Arizona Spring Camp Locations

  • 20th February to 3rd March – Based in Kino Sports Complex (Tucson)
  • 4th March to 9th March – Based in Gene Autry Park (Phoenix)
Chinatrust Brothers to hold spring camp in Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium
Chinatrust Brothers will be having their Spring Training at Kino Sports Complex in Arizona

Exhibition Games Schedule in Arizona

A series of exhibition games with foreign teams have been arranged during the Brothers’ Arizona trip. Below are the games that have been confirmed, we’ll keep a complete list here in our 2018 CPBL Spring Training Tracker.

  • 27th February – Toros de Tijuana (LMB) at Kino Sports Complex
  • 2nd March – The Milwaukee Brewers (MiLB) at Maryvale Baseball Park
  • 3rd March – The Chicago Cubs (MiLB)
  • 5th March – The Los Angles Dodgers (MiLB) at Camelback Ranch
  • 7th March – The Milwaukee Brewers (MiLB) at Maryvale Baseball Park

Chinatrust Brothers Arizona Spring Training Roster

賽格威Zack SegoviaPitcher
艾迪頓Nick AdditonPitcher
萊福力Mitch LivelyPitcher
18官大元Kuan Ta-YuanPitcher
19鄭凱文Cheng Kai-WenPitcher
20江忠城Chiang Chung-ChengPitcher
33王則鈞Wang Tse-ChunPitcher
50蔡齊哲Tsai Chi-ChePitcher
56楊志龍Yang Chih-LungPitcher
59洪宸宇Hung Chen-YuPitcher
60王鴻程Wang Hung-ChengPitcher
72彭識穎Peng Shih-YingPitcher
83陳柏豪Chen Po-HaoPitcher
93吳哲源Wu Che-YuanPitcher
95鄭錡鴻Cheng Chi-HungPitcher
26黃鈞聲Huang Chun-ShengCatcher
45王峻杰Wang Chun-ChiehCatcher
81吳明鴻Wu Ming-HungCatcher
2潘萣翔Pan Ting-HsiangInfielder
9王威晨Wang Wei-ChenInfielder
14王勝偉Wang Seng-WeiInfielder
23彭政閔Peng Cheng-MinInfielder
31陳江和Chen Chiang-HoInfielder
58曾陶鎔Tseng Tao-JungInfielder
61吳東融Wu Tung-JungInfielder
73陳子鴻Chen Tzu-HungInfielder
98岳東華Yueh Tung-HuaInfielder
1陳子豪Chen Tzu-HaoOutfielder
4陳文杰Chen Wen-ChiehOutfielder
7張志豪Chang Chih-HaoOutfielder
16周思齊Chou Szu-ChiOutfielder
39詹子賢Chan Tzu-HsienOutfielder
43林書逸Lin Shu-YiOutfielder
#NameNameCoaching Role
28史耐德Cory SnyderManager
91丘昌榮Chiu Chang-JungBench Coach
普力斯Jim PresleyHitting Coach
許皓銘Hsu Hao-MingHitting Coach
伯納Scott BudnerPitching Coach
葉明煌Yeh Ming-HuangBullpen Coach
8黃泰龍Huang Tai-LungDefense Coach
47馬蓋瑞Gary McCoyStrength & Conditioning Coach
謝志綸Hsieh Chih-LunStrength & Conditioning Coach
52朱偉銘Chu Wei-MingStrength & Conditioning Coach


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