There’s no such a thing as the sophomore jinx when it comes to Uni-Lions heartthrob 陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien).  As it today 19th of July.  Chen is currently hitting .396/.449/.528 with 142 in wRC+ and ranked #2 in the batting average and wRC+ ranking.

Chen Chieh-Hsien batting chart since beginning of the season

Chen Chieh-Hsien vs CPBL foreign pitchers

According to the statistic released by Liberty Sports.  Chen is actually hitting better against foreign pitcher than facing domestic pitchers.  As it yesterday, Chen is hitting .428 (56-for-131) against foreign imports, while .368 (42-for-114) against local pitchers.  Below are some of the breakdown of Chen’s batting stats.

  • vs Mike Loree – batting average .529 (9-for-17)
  • vs Orlando roman – batting average .500 (7-for-14)
  • vs Zack Segovia – batting average .474 (9-for-19)
  • vs Darin Downs – batting average .455 (5-for-11)
  • vs Bryan Woodall – batting average .421 (8-for-19)
  • vs Zeke Spruill – batting average .083 (1-for-12)
  • vs LHP – batting average .426 (23-for-54)
  • vs RHP – batting average .393 (75-for-191)
  • Falling behind the count – batting average .343 (23-for-67)
  • Swing at 1st pitch – batting average .467 (14-for-30)
  • Currently lead the league in triple (4) and errors (15)
Hard to imagine how far Chen Chieh-Hsien will go in the future.


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