C.C. Lee Sidelined Until July: Shoulder Discomfort

The Chinatrust Brothers have lost one of their top relievers on June 8. 李振昌 (C.C. Lee), who has been the foundation of the Brothers’ bullpen this season is set to receive PRP treatment for shoulder discomfort.

According to the team, Lee is expected to stay on the injury list and will not return to the active roster until the 2nd-half season (July 5).

“Early examination shows no major issues with Lee’s shoulder,” said the Brothers’ general manager. “His velocity is still around 149kph with a decent spin rate. It is likely just some minor discomfort.”

On the night of June 8, in the top of the seventh inning. C.C. Lee tossed two back-to-back sliders that hit the dirt early and can be seen trying to loosen his shoulder. Shortly after that, after a quick meeting on the mound, the Brothers’ management decided to pull Lee out of the game just to be safe.

As of June 8, C.C. Lee posted a solid 1.90 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 21 strikeouts across 23.2 innings.


  1. A player I’d really like to see a CPBL team try to sign for 2020 is former National League home run champ Chris Carter. He’s currently playing in the Mexican League, where he’s second in LMB with a 1.254 OPS (behind only former brief CPBLer Felix Pie) and second in home runs with 25.

    Carter would probably cost a CPBL team $30,000 a month, because I’d guestimate he’s being paid $20,000 to play in Mexico this summer. He might hit 40+ HRs in a full CPBL season, and he’s a big name player who might be a real draw at the box office. CPBL doesn’t typically need more 1B/DH types, but Chris Carter might be a special situation.

    BTW, you-know-who needs to get a life. It’s hard to take seriously a person who spends his days tweeting about his meal and snack choices. Still, people like him are one of the reasons I’m not more into Twitter: they don’t elevate the conversation.

    • Would be nice to get player like Chris Carter, definitely more fun with foreign positional player. There’s rumour the league will discuss the potential to increase the foreign player limit. Either increase or make the current rule more flexible.

      As for that troll, let’s not talk about him in publicly. I don’t want to give him any more attention. Just block and move on is the easiest way to handle it.

      • I would like to see CPBL teams add a fourth foreign major league player, particularly as part of an expansion to a six-team league. The fourth foreign player should be required to a be a position player, so that teams don’t all carry four foreign starting pitchers.

      • It’s a lot easier living the life when you make a living wage in Taiwan or Mexico than it is the CanAm League making at most $2,300 a month.

        There’s a player named Jose Vargas playing in the Mexican League this year. He’s originally from California, and he spent six years playing for the Traverse City (Michigan) Beach Bums in the Indy-A Frontier League. Traverse City is a small summer resort town, which attracts significant numbers of tourists to an annual Cherry Festival (they grow tart cherries there for pie making), its beaches on Lake Michigan and for other outdoor recreation and scenic opportunities.

        However, Frontier League salaries max out at about $1,600 a month, which is just not an amount one can reasonably live on anywhere in the U.S., even with the free housing the Indy-A league teams usually line up for the players, particularly for what amounts to at most a four month season. At those wages, players play for love the game and the dream that if they play well enough they might finally get to play somewhere for a living wage.

        • Oh for sure, I have heard stories about the indie league salary. It is really doing it for the love of the game. I have so much respect for those players.

          One day, I would love to do a tour and just go to as many indie leagues and MiLB games as possible in the USA. I really enjoy reading all the MiLB and indie leagues stories over the years online. Would be nice to finally go to one of those games in person.

    • By the way, apparently, a CPBL have signed Matthew Grimes from the Atlantic League. Not sure which CPBL team is he going to though.


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