Brothers to Wear Throwback Uniform

The Chinatrust Brothers have unveiled the throwback uniform the team will wear for the upcoming “Classic Series” against the Uni-Lions on April 20-21 and May 25-26.

The uniform is pretty much identical to the 2019 “Classic Yellow” apart from a few minor changes. The original Brother Elephants cartoon logo will be on the sleeve and the Taiwanese word for Brothers “兄弟” chest script is now reversed as “弟兄”.

Reason Behind Reversed Chest Script

Why the chest script is reversed? Well, back in the old days, the writings in Taiwan are generally from right-to-left. In 1980, the Ministry of Education implemented a new standard to make all forms of entertainment (movies, TV shows, books etc.) to adopt the left-to-right writing format.

Below are the screenshots of Taiwanese film “龍門客棧/ Dragon Inn” from 1967. You can see the Taiwanese subtitle is from right-to-left while the English subtitle is from left-to-right.

For print media (newspaper) and government documents, it is not until 2004 where it became compulsory to do all horizontal writings in left-to-right format.

The Brother Elephants wore the reversed chest script for their inaugural season back in 1990. It is worth mentioning the Elephants are the only team in the CPBL that have the reversed chest script. After the 1990 season, they fell in line with the other teams and changed the script to the standard left-to-right format.

Where is the Original “Five H” Hat Logo?

While it is pretty neat to see the Brothers using the old chest script and sleeve patch for the throwback theme nights, it is a shame and a missed opportunity in our opinion that they did not bring back the original “Five H/ Plum Blossom” logo for the hat.

While we can understand the “Five H” logo belongs to the Brother Hotel, who sold the team to the Chinatrust Financial in 2013. It is still a little disappointing not able to see the iconic hat logo to go along with the throwback uniform.

Brother Elephants’ uniform in the ’90s with the iconic “Five H” hat logo. Photo Credit: (UDN)


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