Brothers signed Bryan Woodall, Lamigo signed Efrain Nieves

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Brothers news

As previously reported

According to the Atlantic Baseball League website.

On the move: after the game, the Barnstormers announced starting pitcher Bryan Woodall is leaving to play in Taiwan. Woodall was 3-0 with a 0.47 ERA in five starts for Lancaster.

Bryan Woodall previously pitched for the Brothers in 2015 season. With 11 Starts, 5W, 1L, 3.45ERA, 1.30WHIP over 73IP. According to the rumour, that a Taiwanese team has purchased Woodall’s contract from Lancaster Barnstormers from the Atlantic League.

Brothers GM has finally confirmed on Woodall signing on the 25th. He will be heading to the farm team first for further evaluation.

Woodall was a workhorse last season for the Brothers. Averaging 6.2 IP whenever he starts. Can definitely keep Brothers struggling bullpen a chance to breathe. The timing of Woodall signing it seem Brothers is targeting at EDA Rhinos now at 2nd place with 1.5 games behind. Woodall absolutely dominated Rhino last season with 1.71ERA, 0.95WHIP over 21IP.

Brothers Japanese import Kohsuke Tomita made his debut in the farm league. Relieving 4 innings with only given up 2 scatter hits while striking out 6. Tomita is not officaly signed by the Brothers yet, as the GM pointed out that he is here on try-out basis, the team will make a decision whether to offer him a contract after a few weeks.

Monkeys news

After the news of Bryan Woodall of the Atlantic League returning to CPBL.

A fellow Atlantic league pitcher Efrain Nieves has reported signed by Lamigo Monkey. According to this tweet by @mashmore98

Efrain Nieves is leaving Somerset. He’ll be pitching in Taiwan for the Lamigo Monkeys. Spoke to Nieves today, more soon.

27 year old Nieves, Puerto Rican lefthander. Currently pitch for the Somerset Patriots at Atlantic League. With the record of 3W, 1.33ERA, 0.88WHIP and 8.3 K/9. He was drafted by the Brewers in 2007 and later on played for the Tigers and Blue Jays system. Nieves was also part of the Puerto Rican WBC squad back in 2013.

Nieves arrived to Taiwan this morning and will have a bullpen session tomorrow. He is expected to replace the struggling left hand pitcher Greg Smith. The pitching coach of Lamigo has told the press today that with Nieves extensive experiences in both starting and relieving, he will be a good addition to Lamigo’s pitching staff.

EDA Rhinos

  • Jared Lansford – Son of the MLB All-Star, batting champion Carney Lansford. Who was part of Lamigo Monkey rotation last season with 16W, 7L, 4.15 ERA, 1.49 WHIP over 178 IP
  • Scott Richmond – Canadian Premier 12 squad member. Right hand starting pitcher. Pitched 2008 to 2012 for the Blue Jays. 2013 for the Lotte Giants in KBO. 2014 to 2015 for the Rangers in the AAA system.
  • Mike Loree – Last year triple crowns winner in CPBL.
  • [Released] Hassan Pena – Cuban right hander. Will be the closer for this season.

Uni-President Lions

  • Jair Jurrjens – 8 years of MLB experience, total of 53 wins with the career ERA of 3.72. Was part of the Premier 12 Netherlands National team.
  • Bruce Billings – 2 years of MLB experience. Spent the entire 2015 in AAA with 8W, 5L, ERA 3.63.
  • Ryan Kelly – 28 year old hard throwing right hander. Had an impressive AAA record last year with 0.59 ERA, 0.761 WHIP with 22 SV 46 IP Kelly made his MLB debut 2015 with the Atlanta Braves, recording a 7.02 ERA over 16.2 innings of relief.
  • [Released] Felix Pie – Lefty outfielder. 6 years in the MLB. Spent 2014 season in the KBO.

Lamigo Monkeys

  • Orlando Roman – 38 year old Roman was part of the Brothers rotation back in 2010, 2011. Moved to NPB for Yakult Swallow between 2012 – 2015.
  • Ryan Searle – Australian right hand starting pitcher with 7 years in the Cubs minor system experience.
  • Greg Smith – 33 year old American left hander. Pitched for Athletics and the Rockies in 2008 and 2010. Finished the 2015 season with the Braves AAA team posting a 6-7, 2.71 ERA record over 119.2 innings with 19 starts.
  • [Farm Team] Efrain Nieves – 26 year old lefty sidearm pitcher. Was part of the 2013 Puerto Rican WBC national team. Spend the 2016 season in the Atlantic League with the record of 3W, 1.33ERA, 0.88WHIP and 8.3 K/9.
  • [Released] Shane Youman – Returning to Lamigo once again. Pitched for Lamigo back in 2011, then moved to KBO between 2012 to 2015

Chinatrust Brothers

  • Andrew Sisco – Hard-throwing lefty. Part of the EDA Rhinos rotation in 2013, 2014 and half of 2015.
  • Robert Morey – 27 year old righty. 6 years in the Miami minor system. Spent the entire 2015 season in AAA with 14 starts, 89 innnings, 4.76 ERA, 1.51 WHIP.
  • Nate Long – Right hand starting pitcher. Was part of the Oakland As organisation. Had 13 starts in the AAA last season with a record of 3W, 5L, ERA 5.7.
  • [Farm Team] Kohsuke Tomita – Hard throwing righty, Tomita spend his last season at Rangers short A and ABL’s Melbourne Aces. This season has been playing at the Mexican Northern League with 6 starts, 44 SO, 3.86 ERA over 30.1 IP.
  • [Farm Team] Bryan Woodall – Bryan Woodall previously pitched for the Brothers in 2015 season. With 11 Starts, 5W, 1L, 3.45ERA, 1.30WHIP over 73IP.
  • [Released] Elih Villanueva – 29 year old. Going for the starting rotation. Coming off the Dominican winter league with 10 starts 3W,5L
  • [Released] Donovan Hand – 30 year old. Made a brief appearance to the Major last season. Will be part of the starting rotation. Spent majority of last 2 season in 3A with 5 wins, 14 lost and 13 saves.
  • [Released] Rudy Owens – 29 year old lefty. Going for the starting rotation. Coming off the Domincan winter league with 11 starts, 2W3L ERA of 2.88.


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