Brothers, Guardians Unveiled Girls Uniform

The Chinatrust Brothers and Fubon Guardians have unveiled the 2019 Girls Days uniform for their female fans. Coincidentally, both teams ditched the solid colour design and went with vertical stripes this season.

Chinatrust Brothers Girls Days Uniform

Returning for its fourth season, the Brothers will once again bring back the popular Girls Theme Nights for their female fans on May 18-19. The 2019 uniform design uses powder pink and cerise to create a vertical contrast. The design team also made some adjustment to the chest script and logo on the hat.

Promo poster for Brothers’ Girls Nights. Photo Credit: (Brothers’ Facebook page)

Fubon Guardians Girls Days Uniform

The Guardians will wear their third generation of the Girls Days uniform on May 11-12 for their annual theme nights. The uniform design this year is using two shades of “Tiffany Blue” to form vertical stripes and with white shoulders contrast extending all the way down the sleeves.

Promo poster Guardians’ Girls’ Nights. Photo Credit: (Guardians’ Facebook page)


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