ABL CEO Cam Vale visit CPBL, plan for more future interactions

CPBL commissioner 吳志揚 (Wu Chih-Yang) and Secretary-General 馮勝賢 (Feng Sheng-Xien) met with Cam Vale the CEO Baseball Australia and Australian Baseball League (ABL) in Taipei yesterday.

During the meeting, the idea of having more frequent interactions between both leagues were on the agenda.  Vale mentioned the last couple years, ABL have had quite a lot of success working with CPBL, NPB and KBO.  He is hoping have more interactions and cooperation with CPBL in the coming future.

CPBL commissioner 吳志揚 (Wu Chih-Yang) & CEO of ABL Cam Vale.  Photo Credit: (CPBL Facebook)

New format of CPBL All-Star Games

CPBL commissioner Wu Chih-Yang also extend an invitation to ABL.  Hoping by the 2019 season ABL will be able send an All-Star team to Taiwan to participate in CPBL All-Star game.

Wu have told the media, CPBL is now working on a new format for the All-Star Week.  The idea is to have CPBL All-Star team to play against several other international baseball teams during the CPBL All-Star week in July.  It will be a short term tournament rather than the standard All-Star Games with only CPBL players.

ABL part of CPBL expansions?

Although it’s a bit unlikely to happen, but Vale have shown interests in CPBL’s expansions plan during the meeting, asking several questions regarding to the prerequisites for team expansions.

Much closer interactions between CPBL and ABL were on the agenda


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