831 deadline approach. Brothers have to release someone

With 831 (31 August) trade deadline approaching.  Which is the last day CPBL team can register a player in the top team.  Normally in CPBL, this is the last major movement when it comes to each team’s foreign players.

It seems all other teams are already settled with their final 3 foreign players apart from Chinatrust Brothers.  As they still have LHP Rick Teasley in the farm team as the back up.  Below is the pitching highlight of Teasley’s farm league debut.

Brothers to call up Rick Teasley? Early sign spotted?

We spotted something interesting in the farm league today.  The LHP Rick Teasley only pitched 2 innings (26 pitches) before getting pulled by the management.  There’s no sign of injury or discomfort as he exits the mound.

Based on the past experience watching CPBL.  This is normally an early sign of calling up a foreign player.  If that’s indeed the intention of Brothers management, we’ll very likely to see Rick Teasley making his CPBL top team debut no later than next week.

Who will get the cut?

According to CPBL rule each team is allowed to register 3 foreign players on their top team roster and play two simultaneously on the field.  Should a team decide to call up a new foreign player in the top team, they’ll have to release someone to make room for the new player.

Here’s the 2017 stats of the current Chinatrust Brothers starting pitchers.

Bryan Woodall, Orlando Roman and Bruce Kern 2017 CPBL Stats


  1. If someone gets released for Teasley, it will probably be Kern, although he has pitched reasonably well. Still, CPBL teams do not pay their expensive ERAs to post ERAs over the league average.

    • Yeah, I think it’s going to be Kern as well. Not performing well since July, could be weather related? As it gets quite hot and humid in Taiwan. (Monkeys Darin Downs also have problem dealing with the weather the last 2 games, exits early with cramp)

      It’s a bummer to see Kern go though. As I quite enjoy watching him pitch. Great pacing and good movement on his fastball.


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