2022 CPBL Mid-Season Draft

On July 12, a total of 185 amateurs entered the 2022 CPBL mid-season draft. At the end of the night, 74 young players were selected and set to begin a new chapter in their baseball career.

Below is the breakdown of the 74 players selected from this year’s draft by their affiliation and position. The CPBL teams will have until September 12 to sign all the players they drafted.

AffiliationTotal Players-PositionsTotal Players
High School27-Pitchers39
Industrial League12-Outfielders12
MLB System3-Catchers7

2022 CPBL Draft Results, Signing Tracker

As always, here is the signing tracker for the 2022 CPBL Draft. We will try to keep this blog post updated as often as possible. (Last Updated: September 12, 2022)

  • All the contracts have been converted to the US Dollar instead of New Taiwan Dollar. We use the exchange rate of 30 NTD to 1 USD.
  • Instead of using the standard monthly salary, all figures are in annual salary.
  • It is up to the teams to decide whether they want to release contract details or not. As per CPBL regulations, it is not mandatory to release the contract details.
  • Normally there are three parts in the contract for the amateur players: Signing bonus, annual salary and incentives.
  • Players who returned from the MLB / NPB system are not eligible for signing bonus. However, their annual salary tends to be higher, since the majority of them are CPBL first-team ready.

TSG Hawks Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1曾子祐 (Tseng Tzu-Yu)IF$190,000?$47,000
1伍祐城 (Wu Yu-Cheng)P$157,000?$33,000
2紀慶然 (Chi Ching-Jan)IF$147,000?$20,000
2謝葆錡 (Hsieh Pao-Chi)P$117,000?$33,000
3廖奕安 (Liao Yi-An)C$112,000?$20,000
3顏清浤 (Yen Ching-Hung)OF$83,000?$17,000
4林家鋐 (Lin Chia-Hung)IF$80,000?$23,000
4黃紹睿 (Huang Shao-Jui)P$57,000?$27,000
5陳宇宏 (Chen Yu-Hung)P$45,000?$33,000
6黃劼希 (Huang Chieh-Hsi)IF$33,000?$27,000
7高聖恩 (Kao Sheng-En)OF???
8陳柏清 (Chen Po-Ching)P???
9曾品洋 (Tseng Pin-Yang)P???
10陳翊瑄 (Chen Yi-Hsuan)P???
11鄧佳安 (Teng Chia-An)P???
12曾宸佐 (Tseng Chen-Tso)OF???
13陳致嘉 (Chen Chih-Chia)C???
14馬許晧 (Ma Hsu-Hao)IF???
15黃秉揚 (Huang Ping-Yang)IF???
16陳冠豪 (Chen Kuan-Hao)P???
17蕭柏頤 (Hsiao Po-Yi)P???
18李欣穎 (Li Hsin-Ying)P???
19巴奇達魯 妮卡兒 (Pacidal Nekil)OF???
20孫易伸 (Sun Yi-Shen)OF???
21王博玄 (Wang Po-Hsuan)IF???
22林建宏 (Lin Chien-Hung)PFailed to SignFailed to SignFailed to Sign
23許育銘 (Hsu Yu-Ming)P???
24陳正毅 (Chen Cheng-Yi)P???
25邱邦 (Chiu Pang)C???
26林威漢 (Lin Wei-Han)OF???
  • Additional Notes
  • September 9 – Failed to sign 22nd round pick 林建宏 (Lin Chien-Hung). The player decided to go to university instead.
  • September 9 – The TSG Hawks did not reveal the signing bonus, salary and performance incentives for all the players they signed after the 6th round.

Wei Chuan Dragons Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1林凱威 (Lin Kai-Wei)P-$180,000-
2冉承霖 (Ran Cheng-Lin)OF$137,000$24,000$10,000
3吳君奕 (Wu Chun-Yi)P$110,000$24,000$10,000
4林子宸 (Lin Tzu-Chen)IF$82,000$24,000$12,000
5鄭亦軒 (Cheng Yi-Hsuan)P$63,000$24,000$7000
6許元泰 (Hsu Yuan-Tai)P$40,000$24,000$17,000
7藍翊誠 (Lan Yi-Cheng)PMilitary ServiceMilitary ServiceMilitary Service
  • Additional Notes
  • July 26 – Signed 1st round pick 林凱威 (Lin Kai-Wei) for a 2.5-year deal. 2022 annual salary will be $180,000. The salary will increase to $200,000 for 2023 and 2024 season.
  • September 8 – Agreed to terms with 7th round pick 藍翊誠 (Lan Yi-Cheng), the team will announce the contract details after he completes his military service.

Fubon Guardians Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1黃保羅 (Huang Pao-Lo)P$180,000$36,000$50,000
2潘奕誠 (Pan Yi-Cheng)P$133,000$36,000$27,000
3池恩齊 (Chih En-Chi)IF$100,000$28,000$23,000
4蔡佳諺 (Tsai Chia-Yen)OF$80,000$36,000$20,000
5林岳谷 (Lin Yueh-Ku)IF$63,000$36,000$20,000
6周佳樂 (Chou Chia-Le)OF$33,000$36,000$23,000
7林栚呈 (Lin Chen-Cheng)P$20,000$36,000$17,000
8郭泰呈 (Kuo Tai-Cheng)P$10,000$28,000$10,000
9黃子宸 (Huang Tzu-Chen)P?$36,000?
10賴柏均 (Lai Po-Chun)IF?$36,000?
11豊暐 (Li Wei)C?$36,000?
12林華偉 (Lin Hua-Wei)PFailed to SignFailed to SignFailed to Sign
  • Additional Notes
  • August 30 – Failed to sign 12th round pick 林華偉 (Lin Hua-Wei). The player decided to go to university instead.
  • September 8 – Signed 9th round pick 黃子宸 (Huang Tzu-Chen) for an annual salary of $36,000. The team did not reveal the signing bonus and performance incentives, but told the media both add up to $10,000.
  • September 8 – Signed 10th round pick 賴柏均 (Lai Po-Chun) for an annual salary of $36,000. The team did not reveal the signing bonus and performance incentives, but told the media both add up to $17,000.
  • September 8 – Signed 11th round pick 豊暐 (Li Wei) for an annual salary of $36,000. The team did not reveal the signing bonus and performance incentives, but told the media both add up to $10,000.

Rakuten Monkeys Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1宋嘉翔 (Sung Chia-Hsiang)C$173,000$36,000$43,000
2陳佳樂 (Chen Chia-Le)IF$137,000$32,000$43,000
3劉家翔 (Liu Chia-Hsiang)P$103,000$30,000$27,000
4邱緯綸 (Chiu Wei-Lun)P$72,000$28,000$30,000
5林耀煌 (Lin Yao-Huang)OF$69,000$32,000-
6董順傑 (Tung Shun-Chieh)IF$45,000$28,000$20,000
7洪敏暘 (Hung Min-Yang)OF$27,000$28,000$20,000
8舒治浩 (Shu Chih-Hao)P?$32,000$20,000
  • Additional Notes
  • September 8 – Signed 8th round pick 舒治浩 (Shu Chih-Hao) for an annual salary of $32,000 with $20,000 in performance incentives. The team did not revealed the signing bonus amount.

Uni-Lions Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1黃勇傳 (Huang Yung-Chuan)IF$167,000$20,000$34,000
2林培緯 (Lin Pei-Wei)IF$128,000$20,000$23,000
3林詔恩 (Liu Chao-En)P$100,000$20,000$23,000
4宋文華 (Sung Wen-Hua)P-$100,000$100,000
5尹柏淮 (Yin Po-Huai)P$67,000$20,000$17,000
6田子杰 (Tien Tzu-Chieh)OF$37,000$20,000$17,000
7鄭副豪 (Cheng Fu-Hao)P$28,000$20,000$17,000
8潘磊 (Pan Lei)C$15,000$20,000$10,000
  • Additional Notes
  • September 8 – Signed 4th round pick 宋文華 (Sung Wen-Hua) to a 2.4-year deal worth $363,000. His annual salary from 2022 to 2024 would be $100,000 / $110,000 / $120,000. There is also an additional $100,000 as performance incentives.

CTBC Brothers Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual Salary Incentive
1鄭浩均 (Cheng Hao-Chun)P-$100,000-
2徐基麟 (Hsu Chi-Lin)P-$80,000$27,000
3馮皓 (Feng Hao)P$90,000$32,000$27,000
4阮裕智 (Juan Yu-Chih)P$67,000$32,000$33,000
5盧孟揚 (Lu Meng-Yang)P$47,000$28,000$27,000
6陳柏均 (Chen Po-Chun)P$30,000$36,000$23,000
7張祖恩 (Chang Tsu-En)P$10,000$28,000$20,000
8潘泓凱 (Pan Hung-Kai)C-$40,000$17,000
9李承恩 (Li Cheng-En)IF-$40,000$17,000
  • Additional Notes
  • August 11 – Signed 1st round pick 鄭浩均 (Cheng Hao-Chun) to a 2.5-year deal with an annual salary of $100,000. There are performance incentives, but the Brothers did not announce it.
  • September 10 – Signed 2nd round pick 徐基麟 (Hsu Chi-Lin) to a 2.5-year deal with an annual salary of $80,000 with $27,000 in performance incentives.


  1. i like the fact that the CPBL is giving so many draft picks to the expansion team right at the top. The Hawks will get eight quality draft picks, and some of the next 22 could be diamonds in the rough.

    The Dragons are competitive in their second season, and that’s got to be better for the league than the MLB way where the expansion teams don’t get the draft picks and are usually terrible for several seasons. Better competition will grow the most interest in the CPBL as a whole.

    • I still can’t believe how fast this Dragons team is improving. At first, I thought it would take them at least 3-4 years to be semi competitive. I was so wrong on that.

      Hopefully this Dragons route can provide some guidance to the Hawks.

  2. Looks like the weakest draft class in terms of big ticket additions in years. Will 2023 potentially a better year in that regard?

    • I guess it all depends on the definition of that. I think on the amateur side, it is a pretty solid class. Not the best class, but not so bad either.

      Yes, it’s missing a lot of high-tier former MLB and NPB players. But when projecting 5 years down the line, maybe it’s not so bad?

      When looking back at 2016 and 2017 draft, it is quite similar to that. Not a lot of former MLB and NPB system players. But a lot of them are now primary players in the CPBL.

      I guess it is one of those things that we won’t know for at least 4-5 years.


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