2021 CPBL Mid-Season Draft

On July 12, a total of 157 amateurs entered the 2021 CPBL mid-season draft. At the end of the night, 37 young players were selected and set to begin a new chapter in their baseball career.

Below is the breakdown of the 37 players selected from this year’s draft by their affiliation and position. The CPBL teams will have until September 13 to sign all the players they drafted.

AffiliationTotal Players-PositionsTotal Players
High School6-Pitchers19
NPB System20-Infielders5
Industrial League4-Outfielders5

2021 CPBL Draft Results, Signing Tracker

As always, here is the signing tracker for the 2021 CPBL Draft. We will try to keep this blog post updated as often as possible. (Last Updated: September 12, 2021)

  • All the contracts have been converted to the US Dollar instead of New Taiwan Dollar. We use the exchange rate of 30 NTD to 1 USD.
  • Instead of using the standard monthly salary, all figures are in annual salary.
  • It is up to the teams to decide whether they want to release contract details or not. As per CPBL regulations, it is not mandatory to release the contract details.
  • Normally there are three parts in the contract for the amateur players: Signing bonus, annual salary and incentives.
  • Players who returned from the MLB / NPB system are not eligible for signing bonus. However, their annual salary tends to be higher, since the majority of them are CPBL first-team ready.

Fubon Guardians Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1江少慶 (Chiang Shao-Ching)RHP-$453,200-
2王苡丞 (Wang Yi-Cheng)3B$153,000$28,000$20,000
3董子恩 (Tung Tzu-En)3B$123,000$28,000$20,000
4孔念恩 (Kung Nien-En)OF$100,000$28,000$17,000
5李子強 (Lee Tzu-Chiang)RHP$83,000$36,000$10,000
6楊強森 (Yang Chiang-Sen)RHP$53,000$28,000$17,000
7張宥鈞 (Chang Yu-Chun)OF$30,000$28,000$10,000
8岳少華 (Yueh Shao-Hua)RHP$13,000$28,000$13,000
DEV范姜永頡 (Fang Chiang Yung-Hsieh)C-$28,000-
DEV劉俊豪 (Liu Chun-Hao)IF-$28,000-
DEV溫展樂 (Wen Chan-Le)RHP-$28,000-
DEV陳冠勳 (Chen Kuan-Hsun)LHP-$28,000-
  • July 28 – Guardians agreed to terms with 1st round pick Chiang Shao-Ching. Team will host a signing press conference on August 8.
  • August 8 – Guardians signed 1st round pick Chiang Shao-Ching
    • Notes: 4.5-year deal worth 2.04 million USD, team did not release the performance incentives detail.
  • September 12 – Signed 2nd round pick Wang Yi-Cheng.
  • September 12 – Signed 3rd round pick Tung Tzu-En.
  • September 12 – Signed 4th round pick Kung Nien-En.
  • September 12 – Signed 5th round pick Lee Tzu-Chiang.
  • September 12 – Signed 6th round pick Yang Chiang-Sen.
  • September 12 – Signed 7th round pick Chang Yu-Chun.
  • September 12 – Signed Fang Chiang Yung-Hsieh, Liu Chun-Hao, Wen Chan-Le, Chen Kuan-Hsun as development players.

Rakuten Monkeys Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1陳冠宇 (Chen Kuan-Yu)LHP-$280,000$67,000
2邱駿威 (Chiu Chun-Wei)RHP$150,000$32,000$20,000
3曾仁和 (Tseng Jen-Ho)RHP-$160,000?
4鍾玉成 (Chung Yu-Cheng)OF$93,000$28,000$13,000
5賴知頎 (Lai Chih-Chi)RHP$67,000$28,000$20,000
6毛英傑 (Mao Ying-Chieh)C$52,000$28,000$8000
7張梓軒 (Chang Tzu-Hsuan)LHP$33,000$32,000$17,000
8楊家勝 (Yang Chia-Sheng)3B???
DEV藍震威 (Lan Chen-Wei)IF???
  • July 27 – Agreed to terms with 1st round pick Chen Kuan-Yu. Team will host a signing press conference on August 9.
  • August 9 – Signed 1st round pick Chen Kuan-Yu.
    • Notes: 2.5-year deal worth 700,000 USD and with an additional 67,000 USD as performance incentives.
  • August 31 – Signed 4th round pick Chung Yu-Cheng.
  • August 31 – Signed 5th round pick Lai Chih-Chi.
  • August 31 – Signed 6th round pick Mao Ying-Chieh.
  • August 31 – Signed 7th round pick Chang Tzu-Hsuan.
  • August 31 – Signed Lan Chen-Wei as a development player.
  • September 7 – Signed 2nd round pick Chiu Chun-Wei.
  • September 10 – Signed 3rd round pick Tseng Jen-Ho.
    • Notes: 1.5-year deal with an annual salary of $160,000, team did not release the performance incentives detail.
  • September 10 – Signed 8th round pick Yang Chia-Sheng.
    • Notes: Team did not release the contract detail.

CTBC Brothers Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1呂彥青 (Lu Yen-Ching)LHP-$140,000-
2陳志杰 (Chen Chih-Chieh)RHP$130,000$32,000-
3張仁瑋 (Chang Jen-Wei)SS$113,000$28,000-
4周委宏 (Chou Wei-Hung)SS$90,000$30,000-
5陳統恩 (Chen Tung-En)C$63,000$28,000-
6李家成 (Lee Chia-Cheng)RHP$37,000$40,000-
7黃鈞麟 (Huang Chun-Lin)OF$13,000$28,000-
  • August 21 – Signed 1st round pick Lu Yen-Ching.
    • Notes: 2.5-year deal with an annual salary of 140,000 USD, should he meets the goals set by the organisation, his 2023 salary would increase to $160,000.
  • August 21 – Signed 2nd round pick Chen-Chih-Chieh.
    • Notes: Failed physical, the team amended his contract.
  • August 21 – Signed 3rd round pick Chang Jen-Wei.
  • August 21 – Signed 6th round pick Lee Chia-Cheng.
  • August 21 – Signed 7th round pick Huang Chun-Lin.
  • September 9 – Signed 4th round pick Chou Wei-Hung.
  • September 9 – Signed 5th round pick Chen Tung-En.

Uni-Lions Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1胡智為 (Hu Chih-Wei)RHP-$216,000$67,000
2張翔 (Chang Hsiang)C$130,000$20,000$27,000
3劉志宏 (Liu Chih-Hung)LHP$110,000$20,000$20,000
4楊竣翔 (Yang Chun-Hsiang)SS$84,000$24,000$17,000
5李承鴻 (Lee Cheng-Hung)RHP$67,000$20,000$20,000
6楊孟沅 (Yang Meng-Yuan)LHP$37,000$20,000$20,000
7謝修銓 (Hsieh Hsiu-Chuan)SS$23,000$20,000$10,000
DEV蔡鉦宇 (Tsai Cheng-Yu)IF???
  • July 23 – Signed 7th round pick Hsieh Hsiu-Chuan.
  • July 24 – Signed Tsai Cheng-Yu as a development player.
  • August 2 – Signed 1st round pick Hu Chih-Wei.
    • Notes: 2.5-year deal with his annual salary at $216,000 (2021), $240,000 (2022), $264,000 (2023) and an additional $67,000 as performance incentives.
  • September 3 – Signed 2nd round pick Chang Hsiang.
  • September 3 – Signed 3rd round pick Liu Chih-Hung.
  • September 3 – Signed 4th round pick Yang Chun-Hsiang.
  • September 3 – Signed 5th round pick Lee Cheng-Hung.
  • September 3 – Signed 6th round pick Yang Meng-Yuan.

Wei Chuan Dragons Signing Tracker

RoundNamePOSBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1Giljegiljaw Kungkuan (吉力吉撈.鞏冠)C-$160,000$28,000
2曹祐齊 (Tsao Yu-Chi)RHP$133,000$20,000-
3李展毅 (Lee Chan-Yi)C$110,000$20,000-
4吳秉恩 (Wu Ping-En)RHP$83,000$20,000-
5張鈞守 (Chang Chun-Shou)RHP$65,000$20,000-
6陳思仲 (Chen Ssu-Chung / Johnny Peter Clark)3B$27,000$24,000-
7邱辰 (Chiu Chen)OF???
DEV張祐嘉 (Chang Yu-Chia)OF???
  • August 20 – Signed 1st round pick Giljegiljaw Kungkuan.
    • Notes: 2.4-year deal worth $431,000 and with an additional $28,000 in performance incentives. His annual salary would be as follow, $160,000 (2020), $172,000 (2021, 2022).
  • September 10 – Signed 2nd round pick Tsao Yu-Chi.
  • September 10 – Signed 3rd round pick Lee Chan-Yi.
  • September 10 – Signed 4th round pick Wu Ping-En.
  • September 10 – Signed 5th round pick Chang Chun-Shou (Johnny Peter Clark).
  • September 10 – Signed 6th round pick Chiu Chen.
    • Notes: Team did not release the contract detail.
  • September 10 – Signed Chang Yu-Chia as a development player.


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