2019 Taiwan Junior National Team Roster Announced

On May 28, the CTBA announced the roster for the 2019 Taiwan junior national team. As always, the team is made up of all amateur players from universities and the semi-pro industrial league.

The 2019 junior squad will play a four-game series against USA’s NCAA All-Star from July 9 to 11 in Taiwan. Shortly after that, the team will travel to Rotterdam, Netherlanders to compete in the World Port Tournament from July 13 to 22.

  • G1: July 09, 1830 – Taiwan Junior Team vs NCAA All-Star
  • G2: July 10, 1830 – Taiwan Junior Team vs NCAA All-Star
  • G3: July 11, 1400 – Taiwan Junior vs Team NCAA All-Star
  • G4: July 11, 1830 – Taiwan Junior Team vs NCAA All-Star
  • G5: July 12, 1400 – Taiwan Corporative Bank vs NCAA All-Star
  • G1 (World Port): July 14, 1900 – Taiwan Junior Team vs USA
  • G2 (World Port): July 15, 1900 – Taiwan Junior Team vs Curacao
  • G3 (World Port): July 16, 1900 – Taiwan Junior Team vs Netherlands
  • G4 (World Port): July 17, 1330 – Taiwan Junior Team vs Japan
吳昇峰 (Wu Sheng-Feng)Taiwan Cooperative BankPAmateur
王政浩 (Wang Cheng-Hao)Taiwan Cooperative BankPAmateur
黃健隆 (Huang Chien-Lung)Taiwan Cooperative BankPAmateur
蔡偉凡 (Tsai Wei-Fan)Taiwan Power CompanyPAmateur
謝伯賢 (Hsieh Po-Hsien)Taiwan Power CompanyPAmateur
鄭智鴻 (Cheng Chih-Hung)Topco FalconsPAmateur
蔡易廷 (Tsai Yi-Ting)Topco FalconsPAmateur
鄭浩均 (Cheng Hao-Chun)National Taiwan Sport UniversityPAmateur
陽杰恩 (Yang Chieh-En)Culture UniversityPAmateur
蘇俊璋 (Su Chun-Chang)Culture UniversityPAmateur
江國豪 (Chiang Kuo-Hao)National Taiwan University of SportPAmateur
魏碩成 (Wei Shuo-Cheng)Far East UniversityPAmateur
朱益生 (Chu Yi-Sheng)University of TaipeiPAmateur
黃佳瑋 (Huang Chia-Wei)Taiwan Cooperative BankCAmateur
陽忠辰 (Yang Chung-Chen)Topco FalconsCAmateur
黃韋銘 (Huang Wei-Ming)Taiwan Power CompanyCAmateur
林瀚 (Lin Han)Taiwan Cooperative BankIFAmateur
高育瑋 (Kao Yu-Wei)Taiwan Cooperative BankIFAmateur
王薪權 (Wang Hsin-Chuan)Topco FalconsIFAmateur
陳偉志 (Chen Wei-Chih)Taiwan Power CompanyIFAmateur
廖俊凱 (Liao Chun-Kai)Taiwan Power CompanyIFAmateur
黃柏豪 (Huang Po-Hao)Fu Jen Catholic UniversityIFAmateur
楊振裕 (Yang Chen-Yu)Taiwan Cooperative BankOFAmateur
柯景瀚 (Ko Ching-Han)Taiwan Cooperative BankOFAmateur
陳皓禎 (Chen Hao-Chen)Topco FalconsOFAmateur
蔡智榆 (Tsai Chih-Yu)Taiwan Power CompanyOFAmateur

Note: 蔡易廷 (Tsai Yi-Ting) and 陽杰恩 (Yang Chieh-En) will only play in the series against the NCAA All-Star.


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