Guide to Lamigo Monkeys’ Uniforms for 2019 Season

Here at CPBL STATS, we are crazy about uniforms. So, here are the 2019 season uniforms review for the Lamigo Monkeys. As always, we will continue to update this post throughout the 2019 season. [Last Updated: November 14, 2019]

Weekday Home (Core)

The Lamigo Monkeys did not change their home uniform for the 2019 season, it is still the 2017 version. The team will wear this at their home games, except on the weekend or at theme nights. [Read more on the Monkeys’ 2017 home uniform here]

Away (Core)

The Lamigo Monkeys have made some major adjustment to their away uniform this season. The primary base colour and the shoulder colour have been changed to “Yale Blue” and “Champagne Yellow”, and they added some colour contrast to the underarms sections.

Weekend Home (Core): Golden Spirit

The Lamigo Monkeys did not change their weekend uniform for the 2019 season. The team will wear this during the weekend home games if they are not wearing theme nights special uniform. [You can read more about the Monkeys’ weekend uniform “Golden Spirit” here]

lamigo monkeys 2018 weekend uniform

2019 Spring Training: TAOYÜAN

The Monkeys’ 2019 spring training uniform was based on the idea of team-city integration. With that concept in mind, the team used “Indigo Blue” and Lavender Purple” which are the corporate colours for the Taoyuan City Metro.

Apart from the obvious “TAOYÜAN” text on the chest, the uniform also contains several other city elements such as the international airport code. [Read more on the Monkeys’ 2019 Spring Training uniform “TAOYÜAN” here]

Opening Weekend Uniform: Conquer Gold

On March 23-24, the Monkeys wore this “Conquer Gold” uniform for the Opening Weekend. The design team went with the full gold look to celebrate the winning of the 2018 Taiwan Series and also to showcase the team’s pride at the start of the season. [Read about the Monkeys’ Opening Weekend uniform “Conquer Gold” here]

Electrolux Themed Uniform

Returning for its sixth season, the Monkeys once again partnered with Swedish home-appliance maker Electrolux for a sponsored themed nights. The theme nights are also known as the “vacuum cleaner” theme nights by Taiwanese baseball fans. [2014-2019 complete Electrolux uniforms collection]

YOKOSO Themed Uniform

Purple Party Themed Uniform

Military Themed Uniform A (August 16)

Hearthstone Themed Uniform (August 17-18)

Military Themed Uniform B (August 31 – September 1)

Farewell Uniform A: Classic Lamigo Monkeys (October 5)

Farewell Uniform B: Classic La New Bears (October 26)


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