2019 CPBL Draftees Contracts Summary

64 talented young amateur players were drafted in the 2019 CPBL Draft on July 1. With the annual draft done and dusted, the teams will now have until August 31 to sign those players.

As always, here is the signing tracker for the 2019 CPBL Draft. We will try to keep this blog post updated as often as possible. (Last Updated: August 31, 2019)

  • All the contracts have been converted to the US Dollar instead of Taiwan Dollar. We use the exchange rate of $30 NTD to $1 USD.
  • Instead of using the standard monthly salary, all figures are in annual salary.
  • It is up to the teams to decide whether they want to release contract details or not. As per CPBL regulations, it is not mandatory to release the contract details.
  • Normally there are three parts in the contract for the amateur players: Signing bonus, annual salary and incentives.
  • Players who returned from the MLB / NPB system are not eligible for signing bonus. However, their annual salary tends to be higher, since the majority of them are CPBL first-team ready.

Wei Chuan Dragons Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1劉基鴻 (Liu Chi-Hung)Infielder$197,000$20,000$6,700
1徐若熙 (Hsu Je-Hsi)RHP$164,000No DetailNo Detail
2李凱威 (Li Kai-Wei)Infielder$150,000No DetailNo Detail
2朱祥麟 (Chu Hsiang-Lin)Infielder$124,000No Detail$34,000
3曾傳昇 (Tseng Chuan-Sheng)Infielder$110,000No DetailNo Detail
3郭天信 (Kuo Tien-Shen)Outfielder$100,000No DetailNo Detail
4吳俊杰 (Wu Chun-Chieh)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
4郭郁政 (Kuo Yu-Cheng)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
5林子昱 (Lin Tzu-Yu)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
6森榮鴻 (Sen Jung-Hung)RHP$60,000No DetailNo Detail
7張政禹 (Chang Cheng-Yu)InfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
8蔡明憲 (Tsai Ming-Hsien)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
9呂偉晟 (Lu Wei-Cheng)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
10莊玉彬 (Chuang Yu-Pin)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
11全浩瑋 (Chuan Hao-Wei)CatcherNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
12洪瑋漢 (Hung Wei-Han)OutfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
13林孝程 (Lin Hsiao-Cheng)OutfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
14黃東淯 (Huang Tung-Yu)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
15張祐銘 (Chang Yu-Ming)OutfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
16黃柏豪 (Huang Po-Hao)InfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
17陳冠偉 (Chen Kuan-Wei)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
18牛塏曄 (Niu Kai-Yeh)CatcherNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
19李宇翔 (Li Yu-Hsiang)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
20曾柏融 (Tseng Po-Jung)LHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
21陳震洋 (Chen Jen-Yang)OutfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
22劉宇鈞 (Liu Yu-Chun)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
23張皓緯 (Chang Hao-Wei)InfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
24林驛騰 (Lin Yi-Teng)OutfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
25陳良志 (Chen Liang-Chih)RHPNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
26歐晉 (Ou Chin)InfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
27高淮安 (Kao Huai-An)OutfielderNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail
28魏全 (Wei Chuan)CatcherNo DetailNo DetailNo Detail

Chinatrust Brothers Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1岳政華 (Yueh Cheng-Hua)Outfielder$174,000$32,000$50,000
2魏碩成 (Wei Shou-Cheng)LHP$127,000$40,000$17,000
3曾頌恩 (Tseng Sung-En)Outfielder$90,000$32,000$34,000
4張聖豪 (Chang Sheng-Hao)Catcher$74,000$22,000$14,000
5黃弘毅 (Huang Hung-Yi)RHP$44,000$28,000$14,000
6劉劭威 (Liu Shao-Wei)RHP$24,000$40,000$34,000
7林瑞鈞 (Lin Jui-Chun)Infielder$10,000$28,000$34,000
8邱志恆 (Chiu Chih-Heng)Outfielder-$20,000$27,000

Fubon Guardians Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1江國豪 (Chiang Kuo-Hao)RHP$180,000$40,000$50,000
2朱益生 (Chu Yi-Sheng)LHP$120,000$36,000$20,000
3林聖榮 (Lin Sheng-Jung)RHP$107,000$28,000$10,000
4姚冠瑋 (Yao Kuan-Wei)Catcher$87,000$30,000-
5林奕豪 (Lin Yi-Hao)Outfielder$64,000$28,000-
6戴云真 (Tai Yun-Chen)OutfielderMilitaryMilitaryMilitary
7葉國情 (Yeh Kuo-Ching)RHP$24,000$28,000$7000
8楊程皓 (Yang Cheng-Hao)RHPMilitaryMilitaryMilitary
9辛元旭 (Hsin Yuan-Hsu)Infielder$7000$30,000$4000
10李建勳 (Li Chien-Hsun)RHP-$30,000$24,000

Uni-Lions Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1林安可 (Lin An-Ko)LHP$177,000$40,000-
2羅暐捷 (Lo Wei-Chieh)Catcher$130,000$20,000$34,000
3吳承諭 (Wu Cheng-Yu)RHP$107,000$28,000$10,000
4柯育民 (Ko Yu-Min)Catcher$70,000$24,000-
5邱智呈 (Chiu Chih-Cheng)Infielder$54,000$20,000$24,000
6黃紹熙 (Huang Shao-Yi)Outfielder$27,000$20,000-

Lamigo Monkeys Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionBonusAnnual SalaryIncentive
1蘇俊璋 (Su Chun-Chang)RHP$160,000$36,000$24,000
2李承禎 (Li Cheng-Chen)RHP$117,000$32,000$27,000
3林澤彬 (Lin Tse-Pin)Infielder$100,000$30,000$20,000
4曾琦 (Tseng Chi)RHP$80,000$28,000$14,000
5張喜凱 (Chang Hsi-Kai)RHP$60,000$28,000$20,000
6莊昕諺 (Chuang Hsin-Yen)RHP$52,000$28,000$20,000
7楊瑞承 (YAng Jui-Cheng)Infielder$29,000$28,000-


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