2019 CPBL All-Star Weekend Coverage

The CPBL All-Star Games is widely considered as a weekend fan service event. To many players, this is a time where they can let loose a little on the field while trying to entertain the fans. For the league, apart from the additional revenues, they also give back to the community by supporting various charities in Taiwan.

Rather than doing a lengthy write-up of the All-Star Games, we will do our coverage in a bite-size format on all the fun and interesting stuff we noticed.

2019 All-Star Games Uniforms

Skills Competition Winners

Home Run Derby Winner: Chen Chun-Hsiu

Retiring Peng Cheng-Min’s Final All-Star Game

Chen Yu-Hsun Taking Photo Mid-Game

Mitch Lively’s Hidden Ball Trick

Wang Wei-Cheng’s Nice Play

Umpire Cam in Action

Group Selfie Time

DJ Show After the Game


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