2018 CPBL STATS Awards

2018 CPBL STATS Awards

With another year of baseball done and dusted, as always, it is time to hand out the 2018 CPBL STATS Awards! We will take a trip down the memory lane and see some of the best and overlooked moments from the 2018 CPBL season and anything related to Taiwan baseball.

*Notes: Just a word of warning, there are a lot of GIF and videos in this blog post. I did my best cutting from over 200 videos down to 60 or so. (Yes, turns out I posted a lot of videos this year)

CPBL Magneto Award

Tossed the No-Hitter Ball to Fans Award

CPBL Lumberjack Award

First Day Wearing C-Flap, Got Hit in Face Award

Let Them Eat Hat Award

Flying Kick of the Year

Elephants Protector of the Year

Best MVP Shower: Failed Edition

Best MVP Shower: Ganked Edition

Best MVP Dance: Player Edition

Best MVP Dance: Mascot Edition

Kiss of the Year

Singer of the Year: Team Owner Edition

Best Ceremonial First Pitch

Saddest “First” Pitch: Retirement Edition

Best Fashion: Eyewear Edition

Best Fashion: Team Dressed Up Edition

Best Fashion: Headwear Edition

Best Fashion: Scout Dressed Way Too Much

It’s extremely hot and humid in Taiwan around July, so either this scout from the Philadelphia Phillies doesn’t feel hot, or he did not get the memo about Taiwan’s weather. Wearing three layers in Taiwan during Summer, REALLY?!

Best Birthday Celebration Award

Cheering for the Other Team Award

Windup of the Year

Mascot in Stealth Mode Award

Laziest Mascot Award

Most Annoying Mascot Award

Unique Home Run Call Award

Most Uncoordinated Thumbs Up Award

Play of the Year: Outfielder Edition

Play of the Year: Infielder Edition

Play of the Year: Fans Relay Catch Edition

Pitcher Acting Like Shortstop Award

Iron Hand Award

Best Assisted Home Run Award

Best Non-Human Assisted Putout Award

Best Home Run Award: Amateur Edition

Best Home Run, Pitching of the Year Award

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. We have our 2018 home run of the year and pitching of the year award in the same video.

On October 7, the Uni-Lions’ Ryan Verdugo pitched a perfect game against the Chinatrust Brothers. What makes it extra special was Verdugo did it with his teammates Kuo Fu-Lin’s walk-off home run at the bottom of the ninth.

Which brings us to the next question, perhaps is the world’s first-ever Walk-Off Perfect Game?

Longest Home Run Award

Taunt of the Year

Mid-Inning Entertainment of the Year

Rain Delay Entertainment of the Year

Creepiest Pre-Game Entertainment

Best Product Placement Entertainment

Most Unnecessary Pre-Game Entertainment

Secret Handshake of the Year

Cup Check of the Year

Celebratory Gesture of the Year

It’s the Thought That Counts Award

Taiwan-USA Cultural Exchange Award

Confusion on the Field Award

Multiple Personality Disorder Award: Uniform Edition

Multiple Personality Disorder Award: WBSC Edition

Best Strikeout Call: High School Edition

Best Strikeout Call: University Edition

Best Premature Strikeout Call: Professional

Bat Flip of the Year

Accidental Bat Flip of the Year

Prankster of the Year

When Themed Night Went Wrong Award

When Going Around the Horn Went Wrong Award

Glitch of the Year: Professional Edition

Glitch of the Year: Amateur Edition

Snack Mule of the Year

Underdog Award: When Amateurs Beat KBO All-Star

Tactical Smoke Bomb Deployment Award

Pain of the Year: Positional Player

Pain of the Year: Pitcher

Random Game Interrupted Award

Cutest Baseball Fan Award


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